Apple vs Google


Apple vs Google

Google is one of the most popular and leading search engines. It is a dominating searching engine since the introduction. There are so many search engines that are working to compete with Google but the efficiency of these search engines is not more than Google. While the Apple is also present there to compete with Google. The Google as a search engine offers the online searchers and users to find out thousands of ways and methods to do any type of activity. Nowadays, there is a scene of battle between the Google and Apple. The Apple as a utility provider working for the supply of latest options and features those are beneficial for the users. The Google also offers lots of services like this but there is a hell of difference between Google and Apple services. If you are looking for the comparison of these two leading services then you should compare the features of these services. in order to find the best one it is very important to learn about different aspects and topics of information technology.

Social Web working and popularity:

The popularity of social websites is increasing rapidly. Last month the facebook successfully dominated the Google. The web page rank of Google was higher but after the popularity of facebook it becomes low. Is it because of Apple? Is there any role of Apple? Apple offers the users to share the music recommendations and comments. The users can send and share the iTunes with their friends in better ways. It is one of the most popular and powerful reason of Apple’s popularity. The Google doesn’t offer sharing of such tunes and comments. That’s why the use of Apple is being increased as compared with any other service. Now you can share the recent applications of iTunes with your friends easily. The importance of social webs is increasing because these features allow the users to find more fun and entertainment online.

Social websites a threat to Google:

Apple is introducing social web system which is a threat to Google. Increasing usage of social websites is facilitating the people to search, use and share different things easily. That’s why the demand of Google is decreasing because people are using the social webs for business and other activities rather than using Google services. It is a main issue Google is facing now days. The people who want to compare the services of these two companies should focus on the reasons mentioned in the article. Finding the difference between these two services will become easier for you by considering the modern features and programs offered by Apple.

Apple and Google both want more:

The spokesmen of both the companies said that they need more struggle. It is obvious that Google has a stable market while Apple is an emerging company so Google can get the advantage of its long lasting working experience and customer’s relations. On the other hand the Apple needs more work and struggle to develop good customer’s relationships and experience.

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