Are Cellphones Really Causing Cancer?


Back in 1993, an individual sued the cellphone industry, claiming that the brain tumor that took his wife’s life was due to her repeated use of a mobile phone. Apparently, the brain tumor was located on the same area where she used her cellphone repeatedly. Although the case was dismissed by the judicial court because of the lack of evidence, the case went viral and became a nightmare for today’s wireless industry. This has also triggered the debate on whether or not cellphones are sage for use, especially since there is an increase in the number of brain cancer patients since the popularity of mobile phones.

Conducting a research

To clean their reputation after the high-profile lawsuit, the cellphone industry spent 25 million USD to fund a research program in order to prove the safety of cell phones. After six years of intensive research, results have shown pieces of evidence showing the possibility of health risks offered by mobile phones.

The first evidence was released in 1997, when researches have proven that prolonged exposure  and use of cell phones can actually increase the occurrence of lymphoma in laboratory mice. This has received international media attention, especially since it was a formal proof showing the link between cell phone use and cancer.

Solving the puzzle

The studies conducted involved the research on the DNA damage in human blood caused by cell phone use, different studies on the tumors in mobile phone users, breakdown of the blood-brain barrier, and the amount of cellphone radiation and the body’s response to it.

Basically, cancers and tumors are caused by genetic damage, including the formation of micronuclei and the abnormality in the red blood cells. Since the relationship between cancer and micronuclei is so strong, doctors have conducted numerous tests to identify which patients were most likely to develop cancer.

In 1998, researchers have unearthed the genetic damage of blood cells that are exposed to cell phone radiation. Results have shown that chromosome and DNA damage in the white blood cells occurred whenever they are exposed from the signals emitted by mobile phones.

The results have shown the dangers of prolonged exposure and use of cell phones, especially since it promotes the growth and formation of micronuclei in the blood cells. Since these are considered as biological markers for cancer, the extensive research done by different doctors and scientists has only proven the strong link between tumors and cancers, and the use of mobile phones.

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