Awaited Mobile Phones for 2012


The recent release of new lines of mobile phones in the market has made it possible for manufacturers to offer new products to their customers. Since the release of iPhone four years ago, cellular phones have been manufactured to be smarter and better, making it easier for users to access the whole world right at their fingertips. It used to be a device for talking to other people however, today’s technology has transformed mobile phones into devices that can be used for almost anything. Below are just some of the mobile phones that consumers are waiting for this year.

iPhone 5

iPhone fans were a bit disappointed on the release of iPhone 4S late 2011, since the company has announced the possibility of launching the iPhone 5 late last year. Although iPhone 4S is still a hit among a lot of people, the possible features of iPhone 5 make fans more than excited to get their hands on the unit. With iPhone 4S introducing Siri Beta, there is a possibility that the intelligent voice assistant will be fully introduced in the iPhone 5.

Amazon Blaze

Amazon has proven its worth in such a short period of time and in fact, they have been able to release ebook readers, aside from their usual business of online shopping. Their eBook reader has revolutionized tablets, and their Kindle Fire is now also capable of supporting different applications. News is, Amazon will be venturing into manufacturing mobile phones, wherein they will be releasing ‘Blaze’ as its first mobile phone. Credible sources say that the Blaze will be running on an Android 1.2 GHz processor, will have cameras on its front and back, and even possess a solar panel at its back.

HTC Edge

Although HTC has not been active for the past year, consumers can expect the company to launch brand new phones this year. It is rumored that their phones will run on Android 4.0 with 1.5GHz processor, will have 8MP camera, plus a sleek and cool design which will be hard to resist.

Blackberry Colt

We must admit that 2011 was not the year for BlackBerry, especially with the user complaints they have been receiving for the past few months. However, there is the possibility that the company will make up for it this year, especially since we can expect them launching Colt, which will run on the latest BBX platform. With the new features that it has to offer, it will be no wonder if they become the number one selling company this year.

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