BBM and Gtalk Chats Can No Longer Be Used to Cheat



Technology has evolved over the years with the development and advancement in the field of science. More and more machines, equipment and other forms of scientific inventions have come into being and have become a major part of everyone’s life. Technology has gained much importance in today’s world. The development of mobile software and applications are one of the products of scientific and technological developments which are helping mankind in a variety of ways, making their lives much easier and better to live.

BBM and Gtalk Chats Can No Longer Be Used to Cheat

Mobile spy software are small applications which, if installed into your target’s cell phone, help monitor all cell phone activities of your target without the risk of being detected. These are easy to install and fulfill most of your monitoring needs. In the present fast-paced era, where no one has the time to stay well connected with friends and family, the existence of insecurities and doubts is inevitable. StealthGenie is mobile monitoring software that helps in eliminating the doubts of doubtful spouses, concerned parents and employers and helps them live a peaceful, doubt-free life. It has a number of features which distinguish it from other spy softwares available in the market. It keeps a track of:

  • Mobile phone contacts
  • All the SMS
  • Audio/Video files
  • Call logs
  • Emails
  • GPS location of the mobile phone
  • Bookmarks and Internet Browsing History
  • Appointments/Calendar Activities


There are certain key features that actually make StealthGenie worth buying. One such feature is that it allows you to monitor instant chat messaging which your target is involved in.

  • Monitors Google talk along with the time details
  • Monitors Blackberry messenger communication along with time details
  • Allows you instant access to all the instant messenger communication held between your target number and any trigger numbers that you may have defined.
  • It instantly uploads the information on to the online user interface and you can sign in immediately and read all that has been said.
  • Likewise, it monitors the email exchange carried out between your target and whoever they’re involved with. The details of the mail, including whatever has been said, are uploaded on the website for you to read.


StealthGenie overall provides you with multipurpose features, but this feature of monitoring messenger messages and emails makes the product all the more different. It is helpful specifically in situations where the spouse might have doubts that they’re being cheated on. You may specify the trigger number if you have doubts on someone involved with your spouse, you can read their chat messaging and catch the culprits red-handed. This feature is very helpful for parents who have worries regarding their child’s activities and suspect them of being involved with the wrong company. You may want to read the chat messenger conversation and emails held between them and catch them on the spot so that they don’t back out later.

StealthGenie, with its wonderful features allows you instant installation in your target’s phone without the risk of being detected and is also low cost. Regardless of what you need the spy software for, it is essential that one buys the right one to make sure they are helped in whatever situations they’re required to. StealthGenie, with its wonderful features, fulfills your monitoring needs and makes you overcome all your doubts. Get the Genie and live a doubt-free life!

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