Be Their Guest: Five Reasons Your Law Firm Should Be Guest Blogging


You’ve been working hard on your law blog, ensuring it’s understandable by both lawyers and clients, promoting it on all of your social media pages, and finding new ways to engage your customers. However, you could be doing more for your blog by writing content for others. Guest blogging is a great way to take your blog’s marketing efforts to the next level, and your law practice with it.

Reason #1: The Search Engines
If you’ve been paying attention to search engine optimization strategies, then you know a wide variety of links is healthy for your website. Think about this in terms of people. If somebody had thousands of people all over the world vouching for them, it would be safe to assume that person is someone worth knowing. Now in terms of websites, if there are thousands of other websites linking back to yours, the search engines would have an easy time determining that you must be a valuable source and they’ll give your website a higher ranking. A higher ranking ultimately means more traffic coming to your website through search engines. By getting involved in guest blogging, you will have the opportunity to show search engines that you’re a trusted source since other websites are willing to link to you. It’s a win-win for your website’s marketing efforts and for the search engines.
Reason #2: The Power of Community
When you connect with other bloggers, they open up their audiences to your content, your website, and your practice. Even though you might be guest blogging to boost your own website’s reputation, you’re actually doing other bloggers a favor as well. Getting in touch with influential bloggers and exchanging content for links means you’ve just given their website and your own website a level up. Furthermore, their dedicated followers will suddenly be turned onto your writing, engaging in conversations with you, and ultimately clicking through to check out your own website. Online communities can do a lot of the marketing legwork for you, leaving you to focus on your practice.

Reason #3: More Content For Your Blog
If you’re willing to guest blog for other websites, you can be sure that there are bloggers out there willing to write for yours. First and foremost, this means your blog will have more content than you could ever get it. Building relationships with a few bloggers that will write one post a month each means your blog poring over with quality content for your readers to feast on. Second, inviting fellow bloggers to write for you means they’ll be telling their readers to come see what they’ve done. You’ll not only see an increase in traffic, but most likely, an increase in your blog subscriptions as well.

Reason #4: Become An Authority
Just like reason #1 stated, having your name mentioned in multiple places makes you look good in front of the search engines. Along those lines, law blog readers that see your name pop up in new and interesting places will start to agree that you must be an authority in your field. Becoming an expert in the eye’s of the public can do wonders for your website, blog, and your law practice. Furthermore, Google’s introduction of AuthorRank means they’ll be watching how many blogs feature your work, how many readers interact and share your content, and how frequently you’re publishing new blog posts. A high Google AuthorRank can build up your online reputation and attract potential clients looking for an expert lawyer whose made his rounds in the blogosphere.

Reason #5: Cheap Advertising
Having your content published on another blog is, essentially, an advertisement for your practice. But instead of having to pay for some ad space, all you have to do is write 600-800 quality words on an interesting topic and send it off to your blogger friends. And since you’ll be performing in front of an entirely new audience, that means more opportunities for your blog posts to be shared, emailed, posted to Facebook, tweeted about, and so on. Instead of that one advertisement that only reaches the people who happen to see it, your guest blog can reach thousands more through various sharing platforms. There are seldom advertising schemes that can do more for your law practice.

As your work to gain recognition for your law practice and a following for your law blog, consider guest blogging to expand your horizons. By publishing content on new websites and attracting new readers, search engines can append you a higher ranking, people can view you as an authority, and you can gain more subscriptions for your blog than you ever could on your own. Guest blogging cannot only take your law blog to the next level of marketing, but it can bring your legal practice into a whole new era.

Written by Pete Wise for Hauptman, O’Brien, Wolf & Lathrop, whom are dedicated to serving Nebraska. Their approach of treating every client as their own unique case differs from the cookie-cutter methods of many others. Their successes defeding the rights of those in the Omaha area are numerous; so contact them if you want the best Lawyers in Nebraska.

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