Benefits Of Automating Your Registration Process


Online registration is a growing trend these days, increasingly used by professional event planners as well as non-professional event organizers. Whether you are hosting an international conference, managing a summer camp, organizing a sports tournament, or planning a local fundraiser, automating the registration process saves time, money, and valuable resources. 

Why Use Web-Based Registration?

Online registration software streamlines and simplifies the application process. Powerful online form builders allow you to customize each form, ask any questions, and choose the design. As per all the benefits of a web-based application, you can style, format, and code your forms in any way you like, creating an instant database of information which can be searched, filtered, and accessed from anywhere.

Doing away with bulky paper forms, form-building technology is highly intuitive, ensuring that mandatory fields are completed, that only relevant questions are asked to various applicants, and that information gathered is stored securely. As a result, you have access to constantly updated information, including how many people have registered to date, each applicant’s contact details and payment history, and even specifics such as medical insurance information for applicants with food allergies. 

Online Payment Processing

In addition to creating intelligent application forms with only a few clicks of your mouse, registration software allows you to process payments online. Numerous payment options in multiple currencies make it easier and more convenient for applicants to pay on time. In fact, statistics show that a simplified payment process has the power to increase registration by up to 25%.

Built-in Communication

Automated registration systems come with another important benefit – a built-in communication system. You can send bulk emails to the full list of applicants, filter the applicants you wish to communicate with, send en masse news and updates about an upcoming event, schedule automatic reminder alerts as the big day approaches, and more. The system can also create template emails for a particular group, making emailing fast and easy. Moreover, today’s “smart” online registration systems track your communications and will alert you if you are about to send the same email twice.

Technology at Your Service

Online registration software is the equivalent of having a crew of tech experts at your fingertips. The technology takes care of backing up all your data, streamlining applications forms, integrating the system with your browsers of choice, and even allows for full social network integration from the get-go. With social media built into the system, registered members can immediately begin to interact online, sharing their experiences and spreading the word about your organization. Moreover, using their handheld gizmos and gadgets, applicants can have fun posting comments on their social network profile about their registration process, learn more about each other, and invite their friends to get in on the action. This free viral marketing provides outreach to potential new applicants, increases traffic to your website, and hopefully increases registration numbers.

Knowledge and Consulting

Like any other B2B companies, online registration firms offer more than just products, services and installation guidance. Many share their expertise via blogs posts, e-books, presentations or white papers designed to provide clients with a 360 marketing strategy that will increase their events, conferences or sports league’s value to their customers.

B2B companies want to grow with their clients, so it has become quite popular for them to share their knowledge beyond the software or tools that they provide. Articles such as “How to use social media to promote your summer camps” or “Product naming tips for your event” are just examples of how companies are providing guidance and consultant services for free.

Reports on Demand

The success of your business is only as good as real-time data and statistical reports indicate. Web-based registration systems allow you to print reports on every aspect of your operation, at any time and from anywhere. Careful monitoring of your operational figures determines what’s working and what’s not, alerting you to where you should be spending more time and energy to guarantee success

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