Best 6 Secrets For Stunning PPT Presentations


PowerPoint presentations are a must when you are going to pitch about your product to your new client or discussing marketing campaigns with your office team. While the information imparted in your PPT is crucial, the way you present the PowerPoint does influence the impact on your audience. The post below shares the best secrets to stunning PPT presentations.

Best 6 Secrets For Stunning PPT Presentations

Follow the Usual Layout

Most of the Western languages follow from left to right and you have to maintain the same reading order with your slides when you are looking to present it with both text and images. A different layout might disturb the visual cue for the audience and so, make sure you are smooth with the flow and hierarchy of data on your slides.

Avoid Sentences

The PPT presentation is to offer the matter in brief, as you would be explaining the details orally with slides. Thus, it’s better to avoid sentences here and stress more on bullet points highlighting the main keywords of your theme. Long sentences will make your audience concentrate more on slides and less on oral explanations that will rip out the effectiveness of your message.

Fonts and Backgrounds

Fonts play a major role in a Powerpoint design and hence, you have to be very careful about font selection. Stick to Sans serifs such as Calibri, Helvetica, or Arial for the body text as they are easy-to-read on the screens. You can go for decorative fonts for headers, but make sure they are clearly legible. Don’t use fonts that are too decorative. The font size must be minimum 30pt. In regards to background, opt for a lighter one and create a sharp contrast with dark text and vibrant images.

Follow Your Brand

This point is especially important when you are creating a PPT sales pitch to market your product to a new client. To make your potential client more engrossed in your company aura, you have to introduce branding elements in your PPT layout. The idea is to maintain similar color schemes or fonts that you have used in your business logo or any company literature or website. This way, you can pull your client more and more into your circle.

Don’t Cram up

When it comes to presentations, less is more and as a result, avoid clutter in any form on your slides. Try to limit the bullet points to 5-6 points per slide and ensure that each bullet contains no more than 6-7 words. A crammed up slide is visually uncouth and might create discomfort for your audience.

Don’t Overstyle

You might be drawn to use pronounced effects with your text, but don’t get overboard with them. Slides with too much of underlines and bold are very distracting- use the styles sparingly.

The good news is that today, you will get ready-made and customizable PowerPoint online templates designed by seasoned experts so that you don’t have to create the entire thing from scratch. You will be glad to know that most of them can be downloaded free of charge.

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