Best Digital Cameras by Category of Their Megapixels


Best digital cameras by category of their megapixels

There is so much to always choose from, the main goal of these guidelines is to give buyers good and more detailed information so that they make educated decisions.  Here is a list with best categories of digital cameras by megapixels with examples:

One to two megapixels category

SiPix Stylecam Blink II

SiPix Stylecam Blink II

This type of camera is a cool little and easily portable thing which can hold up to 300 photo images.  It can fit into small pockets.  It can contain video conferencing and streaming snapshots as well.  Having less than 2 megapixels, this is an incredibly powerful camera for the size.  It may not display the clearest images but any user will definitely have a blast owning it.  It can cost up to 50 US dollars or less.

Two Megapixels category

Canon PowerShot A60

Canon PowerShot A60

This is a 2 megapixel camera with a 3x optical zoom feature.   It’s best for beginners who wish to learn more about photography but still get great photo images.  It produces high quality images and really beats up many other 2MP digital camera models in the market.  It doesn’t have rechargeable batteries so users will need to purchase their own.  It can cost between $200 and $250.  Being a top camera pick in this category, perhaps Canon will consider including the rechargeable batteries!

Three megapixels category

Canon PowerShot A70

Canon PowerShot A70

Canon PowerShot A70 has frequently been voted as the best 3 megapixel digital camera of its kind.  It sells like a hot cake and is great for first time camera buyers and users.  It has a pretty 3x optical zoom and it can really go a long way giving users great flexibility and incredibility.  With a 3 MP, PowerShot A70 is able to take sharp photos from a distance, zoom and crop them from an in-built photo images editor.

Four Megapixels category

Canon PowerShot S400

Canon PowerShot S400

Although it has a 3x optical zoom, other 8x optical zoom digital cameras such as the HP PS850 and Canon S45 can not beat it.  It can produce real stunning, bright and detailed photo images for any event, any time of the day.  Its performance is high with in-built automatic settings to keep things really cheap for users.  It has adequate manual settings that can give charm to any user.  It features a great 3-minute movie mode and costs around $500.

Five megapixels category

Canon PowerShot S50

Canon PowerShot S50

Canon S50 suits itself between the CompactFlash series and has tons of excellent features to allure any user.  It feels more solid in the palm and is easy to use.  This is a real high end 3x optical zoom digital camera that generates a lot of excitement.

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