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There used to be a time when web designing consisted of knowing one simple programming language. Slowly, the number of languages required to design a website grew over time and casual web designing all but disappeared. These days, web designing is serious business and as websites grow more elaborate, the programming languages required to design a website get more complicated. On top of everything, a web developer has to ensure that they are always up-to-date with the latest versions. Even the smallest lapse can cause a website to crash and it is becoming increasing difficult for web designers and developers to keep track of the coding. Here are the best free softwares to make life easier for web developers and designers:

There is a growing, and concerning, trend of web designers getting sloppy with the most basic of coding. With so many different languages to remember, it is not surprising that something basic slips their mind. HTML-Kit has been a well-kept secret for the web designing community. Essentially, this software does most of the grunt work involving HTML, XML and a number of other scripts. Although best suited for newcomers, it is not uncommon to find expert web designers falling back on this impressive software for editing and previewing websites.

For web developers, it does not get any simpler than this. PHPTriad is perhaps one of the best free software floating around for years. Even though it is free, it is a complete PHP development tool, along with server environment. Setting up the environment is easy and it bestows all of the essentials: PHP? Check. Apache? Yes. MySQL? Absolutely.

Sure, many people consider using drop-and-drag software to be cheating, but every now-and-then even the best web designers need a break or have to design a simple website for their client. Virtual Mechanics have developed perhaps the best software that makes web designing as simple as possible. WebDwarf is developing a large following and expect the number of fans to grow even more as this free software takes the web designing world by storm.

Though not the most popular web development environment, WampServer is still the rock-star of this list. Almost no software can match up to the sheer brilliance and simplicity of WampServer. It allows developers to create databases, including PHP, MySQL, and Apache 2. SQLiteManager and PHPMyAdmin are added on to make managing databases easier. The fact that it is free makes it an absolute steal.

Davor’s PHP Editor:
Many times, the best software is not released by a massive company who charge a small fortune for it, but from small developers who distribute it for free. Davor’s PHP Editor is Davor Pleskina’s gift to the web community and features a number of functions, including project creation and management, code exploring and other PHP-related features.

It is possible to buy software from the market that combines all the functionality of the software listed here. But, the truth is that the end product will cost a bundle and let’s be honest, it is more convenient to have a number of software that specialize in something than one software which is a jack of all trades, but king of none.

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