Best Gadgets For Improving Your Game


There’s an incredible range of innovative gadgets available to help improve your game, whatever your choice of sport. These dazzling devices can sharpen your skills and keep you ahead of the competition.

Best for Cycling

The FitDesk

Whether you’re a dedicated cyclist or a desk bound office worker who wants to stay trim, the unique design of the FitDesk enables work to be done while you pedal the pounds away. Whether your concentration levels will remain the same during such exertion is something for you to find out. Don’t forget to wear your trouser clips.

Best for Climbing


Climbing is an exhausting exercise that greatly tones your muscle while building upper body strength. Advertised as an ‘endless rope-climbing exercise’ (gulp!), this ingenious contraption uses a pulley wheel and climbing rope attached to a solid steel frame to allow a climber to keep on keeping on until they can’t climb another inch.

Best for Baseball

Mauer Batting Trainer

Put on a show like Joe DiMaggio with this awesome batting trainer that pitches to the player, enabling you to perfect your swing as you bat back ball after ball. Developing your form, speed and reflexes, the Mauer Batting Trainer even has a trampoline positioned beneath the spout, so you can practice tricky soft toss hits.

Best for Table Tennis

Oscillating Table Tennis Trainer

The fabulous gadget Forrest Gump wishes he had, the Oscillating Table Tennis Trainer automatically serves a constant stream of ping pong balls for players to practice their returns. Grab your pad and strengthen your strokes against the 3 different spin settings of Backspin, Topspin and Heavy Topspin. Certainly a challenge, the machine holds 110 balls, which it can fire at a variable rate of 12 to 70 per minute!

Best for Golf

SensoGlove and Backyard Driving Range

Here are two gadgets to improve your swing and drive. First, the SensoGlove, which has a small sensor computer built into it to pick up imperfections in your grip and swing, giving tips on how to improve them. Combine this with the Backyard Driving Range, which enables a golfer to whack giant drives into its durable nylon net. You’ll soon swing your way to reigning supreme on the green.

Best for Skiing

Transcend Ski Goggles

Whether you’re a skier or a snowboarder, these snazzy stats-displaying goggles enable you to swoop around the slopes as you keep track of your altitude, speed and other data. The innovative in-glass display of the Transcend Goggles would be a cool way to see and ski. But is anyone else imagining a skier plummeting off a giant cliff, as they obliviously stare forward at their new speed record?

Best for Football


Designed to help footie players improve their ball skills, the PopitBall features 12 rubber discs that fly off when struck during your kick ups. The object of the game is to juggle the ball for the length of time it takes for all the discs to pop off. What’s that Rooney, it’s too hard? OK mate, keep your hair on.

Best for Kickboxing

Kickboxing Station with Gloves

If you want to get fighting fit, then handing out a sound thrashing to a Kickboxing Station is a great idea. Investing your money and energy into this free standing punch bag with extra strike pads will boost your cardiovascular health. You’ll also download the Rocky soundtrack the first day you start pummelling it.

Best for Basketball

Basketball Return Net

Making your basketball set resemble those fairground three-pointer stalls, the Basketball Return Net collects your shot, which of course went through the hoop without touching the rim, and rolls it back to you. This allows fast shooting without time wasting ball retrieval, as you reach for Michael Jordan-level skills.

Best for Arm Wrestling

Shocking Arm Wrestling

What, really? Yes, the Shocking Arm Wrestling set contains gloves featuring a pad that, when touched down on the table, gives the losing grappler a punishing electric shock for being such a wimp. The winner gets to go home flexing their biceps, while the sobbing loser shuffles off with Don King’s hairstyle.

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