Best Way to Improve Your Laptop Battery


Best Way to Improve Your Laptop Battery

If you are observing that the battery life of your laptop is decreasing day by then probably it is the time when you should think about doing things with the help of which you can improve the battery time of your laptop. There are two things that you will have to keep in your mind. One is the discharging time of your battery and second is the overall battery life. There are a few tips that can be very helpful for you to improve your overall battery time and battery life.

Defrag your HDD regularly – If you want to keep the battery life of your laptop high then you should defrag your hard drive once in a month. If your hard drive will work at fast pace then you will need to spend less battery on it. So, you should make your hard drive as efficient as you can. The more your hard drive will be efficient the less time you will spend on doing things.

Dim the screen – Most of the laptops have the option to dim the screen. So, if there is such option in your laptop then you should use it while working on your laptop when it is not plugged into the socket. This dim light will give you 15-20 minutes more to do some work on your laptop.

Close unnecessary programs in background – If you have different programs running in the background then you should turn them off because they will keep consuming the battery of your laptop. So, if you want to use your laptop on battery for a long time then you should use only those programs that are necessary. All unnecessary programs should be closed at that time.

Remove external devices – If there are different external devices attached with your laptop then you should remove them. These devices get energy from your laptop and in this way your laptop’s battery will be consumed at a faster pace. If there is any important external device that you need to use then keep it active and remove all others.

Increase RAM – You may think that I’m crazy or something. But seriously, if you will increase the RAM of your laptop then its processing speed will increase. If a task was taking 2 seconds to complete then it will be completed in 1 sec. There are thousands of tasks running in computer at a time so the overall battery time will increase by increasing the Random Access Memory of your laptop.

Don’t keep any CD/ DVD in the laptop – If you have CD/ DVD in your CD-ROM then you should take it out as soon as possible. It doesn’t make any difference if you are using it or not. If it is inside of your laptop then it will keep consuming energy that will result in decrease of your battery life.

Keep your battery clean – It is good to take out your battery once in a month and clean it properly. The contacts of the battery should be clean so that there is no energy loss when you are using your laptop.

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