Business Cheque Writing Made Simple


Keeping track of all the payments that your business needs to send out can be a headache. Paycheques to your staff, payments to vendors or creditors — trying to take care of all of these manually can be time-consuming and difficult. If errors arise, they can make your company look bad and generate ill-will among the very people you rely on. Overpayments are also a possibility.

No More Missed Payments

QuickBooks accounting software makes cheque writing a thing of the past, by automating the entire process. You supply QuickBooks with basic information on your company’s financial outgoings and it can print the cheques out for you. Once the system is set up, you never have to worry about missed payments, late paycheques or cheques to the wrong amount again.

Quick and Easy

Printing cheques with QuickBooks is very simple. You simply load your printer with suitable blank cheques, then choose the Print Cheques option, specifying which cheques are to be printed and what format should be used. QuickBooks makes a variety of cheque options available. You can choose from one cheque per page or three per page options; you can also select blank cheques with or without cheque stubs.You can customise blank cheques with your company details and logo for a more professional look. Formats are available for laser, inkjet and dot matrix printers.


QuickBooks supports three basic cheque styles: Standard cheques, Voucher cheques and Wallet cheques. Standard cheques are printed three to a page and have no stubs. You can add your logo and company information at the top of each Standard cheque. They can be handwritten — provided you make sure to add the details to QuickBooks so that your records are up to date. You can use the Standard option to print out Office and Away cheques; these are similar to standard cheques but have holes punched at the bottom of each page so they can be clipped into a binder.

Voucher cheques are sometimes termed “payroll” or “vendor” cheques. These have stubs (vouchers). Only one cheque is printed per page; the stubs are positioned below the cheque. Your company details can be printed on the cheque and they are suitable for handwriting.

Wallet cheques are smaller-sized cheques, similar to the ones issued by your bank as personal bank cheques. They are printed three to a page and have a small detachable stub. Wallet cheques are suitable for handwritten cheques and come in two types: Traditional and Cheque 21. Wallet cheques are not suitable for dot matrix printers.

Printing cheques in other formats with QuickBooks isn’t recommended. However, if you have recently switched to QuickBooks and find yourself with blank cheques in an older format that you can’t use, Intuit has special offers to help make the transition less difficult or costly.


When you’re not printing cheques, always remember to keep your blank cheques somewhere safe. Blank cheques that aren’t kept in a secure location are vulnerable to theft; if stolen, they could be used to commit fraud against your company.

QSoftware is the perfect compliment to integrating Quickbooks with eBay and PayPal.

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