Businesses Fighting Back Against Cyber-Attacks


Never have cyber-attacks threatened businesses more than today. Headlines in the news have increased concerns of a growing trend and threat. In fact it’s such a worry, the UK Government have stepped up their attempts at eradicating the cyber threat to businesses.

Government Increase Efforts
GCHQ revealed a new programme that will see the Government’s Information Intelligence Service advise the private sector on dealing with cyber security. Cabinet ministers have warned FTSE 100 comanies of the impact a cyber-attack can have and security must start at board level in order to be secure. It’s been estimated businesses lose £21 billion a year due to cyber-attacks.

The GCHQ has also revealed plans for the UK’s first academic research facility focused on cyber security. The Government funded project costing £3.8 million will use the brightest minds from Universities to analyse the science behind attacks. The aim of the new institute is to keep the UK a leader in the cyber security industry.

It’s hoped the increased efforts and measures from the Government will make the UK more attractive for new businesses while keeping those already here to boost the economy.

Future Concerns
The future in particular poses new threats. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is on the increase in companies up and down the country. Do you embrace the culture when it could risk your networks security? Are the benefits realistic and worth it?

As society moves to Cloud technology, businesses must ask themselves will they be left behind their competitors if they don’t adopt this. We’ve seen how important in the past it is to embrace new technologies to gain a competitive advantage. It’s certainly a huge risk allowing your sensitive data and information to be stored off site and somewhere unknown.

Other threats such as patch management continue to give security officials headaches. This is particularly true for companies with small IT departments and those with many workstations to update. However, technical vulnerability management software can help keep computers and networks up to date.

Businesses Must Take Initiative
Cyber security is often left to IT departments to perform, but this can no longer be the case. Business leaders must be involved in the protection process, listen to the needs and advice of the security officials and invest where needed.

Companies of all sizes are being targeted for their intellectual property.This is set to remain if businesses are not up to the challenge and attackers continue to be successful. With the help of leading experts researching and giving advice, the figure of £21 billion should decrease in the coming years.

Catherine Halsey writes for a digital marketing agency on a range of subjects. This article was written on behalf of Secunia.

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