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Can Facebook Depress You?


The creator of Facebook was portrayed as a loaner in college. He appeared to be an outcast of the popular group and due to his one night of determination to reach a new outlook Facebook was born. In the beginning Facebook was only offered on a college campus but soon was adapted to the masses who desired to share their personal information, success, and demises. Facebook became a like a drug to some; constantly checking their status with another, waiting to see the if were accepted as friend, or someone liked what they did.

How happy can one person be?

Members of Facebook tend to post pictures or status updates of them being the most happy, all the time. For those who are cynical may demise the true intentions of such a happy go lucky human. The internet can be a jaded mirror for those who want to appear successful yet remain to live it in the reality. How many self-portraits can one person post in a day to share that they show they think highly of themselves? How many more cure “puppy” pictures of one’s life need to be posted to share among friends? It seems those who lack luster in their personal achievements may begin to reject those Facebook buddies who are constantly happy. Misery loves company not another shoving status updates to your feed how great they got it. Perhaps it is these very members that are really sad, yet to save face they keep posting one happy face after another.

Where’s the dislike?

Notice there is not a dislike button on Facebook? Did the master mind of Facebook desire a place where all could like and never receive negative comments? Why there are no rants to the demise of such happy markings to one’s content? For some Facebook users there is just that. In fact, there have been rants to the point of arrests, dissolutions on relationships, and even fan pages that “hate Facebook”.

Breaking up with Facebook

For some users of this mega social media site; the pain was too great to acknowledge a friends happy life. Or perhaps these users simply saw the flaccid messages being posted and needed a real connection. Lately, there has been many long-time Facebook users deleting their accounts weaning themselves from the digital media and take the time for some face to face interaction. We are giants behind our screens in the comfort of our homes, we can simply delete a dislike comment, and remain to post only happy times. If Facebook shut down today, how would these “happy” people share their status? Chances are they may not know how after relying on a site to only show the better side of face.

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