Cato Networks: A Key To Future Of Networking


Cato Networks, a leading SD-WAN vendor, is paving the path for tomorrow’s networking future. As more and more businesses begin to embrace the power of the cloud, the requirements are changing on a daily basis, making them an instant hit with the customers. While the cloud has become a thing of the future, there is an extreme focus on how the traditional WANs can be converted into software-defined WAN networks, to increase efficiency and effectiveness.

Cato Networks: A Key To Future Of Networking

“The rise of cloud applications and the mobile workforce is changing the shape of business and legacy network traffic patterns, rendering the Wide Area Network (WAN) and network security appliances incompatible with today’s business needs,” says Shlomo Kramer, co-founder and CEO of Cato Networks.

A lot of companies are increasingly offering customized services in the Cloud, which include the likes of SD-WAN. Cato Networks is no exception to the general rule. Being a well-known service provider, they have redefined the way businesses connect to the Cloud and have initiated a revolution in the market. In fact, they are in the forefront when it comes to enhancing networking by coupling it with network security. By combining network savings and security measurements, Cato has been able to bring about a cloud transformation, which has brought about massive shifts in the IT infrastructure about user-based applications, storage as well as computing techniques.

At Cato, the networking and security  experts are always on the lookout for something meaningful. By converging next-generation firewall (NGFW), IPS, secure web gateway (SWG) and other network security services with access (Internet or MPLS) and an SLA-backed backbone , Cato has been able to streamline IT infrastructure, reducing costs and implementing simplicity in a convenient manner. The Cato Cloud provides WAN connectivity and Internet security along with better visibility and control over their immediate functioning environment.

The technology giant offers a new way to cut costs when it comes to on-premise networking and security solutions. These services are packaged and delivered as an agile and scalable cloud service package to the clients. The idea is to strengthen security posture through the implementation of an agile network security platform which can help scale up the operations without too much implementation costs and risks. In other words, Cato’s networking technology is paving the way for simplified networking, which in turn will be fused with top-notch security benefits.

Some benefits of the Cato Cloud include, but are not limited to:

  • Reduction in the cost of buying and deploying networking solutions
  • Reduction in the prices of MPLS connectivity measures, which helps offload the Internet and the WAN traffic by a notch
  • Flexibility to connect to the Internet from remote locations, without incurring the need to have an onsite network security stacks solution.
  • Enforcement of a unified policy to monitor users based out of remote sites, as well as mobile users without having multiple point solution providers.
  • Strengthened security measures, which can be coupled up with an agile and adaptable network security platform.

Simply put, with the cloud in place, businesses can benefit significantly by cutting costs while using latest technology and security solutions. Welcome the future, wherein companies benefit from reduced MPLS costs, along with a direct, secured Internet access for one and all.

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