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Facebook has undoubtedly become a part and parcel of everybody’s life. With it being able to connect intensively with people, it is surely going to invite attention from businessmen as they are considering it a platform to create awareness among people and convert them into their customers. The Facebook FMC-2012 conference has enforced some dynamic changes that advertisers have to consider incorporating in their advertising strategies accordingly. These changes make it evident that Facebook is considering these pages as a “Mission Control “Point.

The following are the major changes that Facebook has integrated:

  1. The most apparent change in Facebook is the introduction of Coverpage and the change in the concept of profile image. The minimum and maximum dimensions of a cover-photo are 399 pixels across and 850 pixels by 315 pixels respectively. The profile picture must be of the size 180 pixels by 180 pixels.

The advertisers cannot use the cover photo to have any call-to-action. Besides, your page cannot be liked or shared by anybody and will not permit any kind of contact information. On the other hand, the profile picture can be used advantageously for your logo or any other alluring image about your company as it may appear near every post of newsfeed in the dimension of 30 by 30 pixels.

  1. In order to grant more clairvoyance, your picture and video will be larger and more appealing. They may seem more accentuated if you would have noticed it unlike the past. Besides, it also enables you to highlight your post to grab more attention by clicking the star icon that features at the top right side of the post. It is also possible for one to pin the story for a week so that it will be seen at the top of your timeline.
  2. This new feature “Milestone” makes it possible for a company to illustrate major events and happenings in your company by clicking on the line in the middle of the timeline and choosing Milestone.
  3. With the removal of default landing tab, it is possible for you to display only 12 applications out of which only four may be seen notably in the top row. One can be more experimental with the new apps by changing the photo and renaming it attractively.
  4. Facebook Offers have not yet developed full- fledged. This feature may provide news about upcoming deals to the fans which can even be shared.
  5. Changes in the location of insights can be seen where one can see the old dashboard if needed. Also changing the name of the page has become easier. This new timeline also enables one to have easy access to more information about other pages.
  6. The featuring ads on Facebook may seem larger than before now to reach more number of people. These ads may be included in the newsfeeds and mobile streams.

With Facebook being highly capable of understanding individual behavior and psychology, these new changes are surely being formulated to raise the bar.

Convonix is an internet marketing firm which offers Facebook marketing as a major part of its service offering. With additional changes to Facebook’s UI, social media strategies will undergo paradigm shifts & brands will join the rat race to make the most of Facebook’s potential as an online marketing medium.

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