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Changes In Social Media And The Affects Society


It has been found that about a quarter of workers will stay in contact with their colleagues through social media. It is especially easy for those to connect through social media who are stationed at a desk for eight hours a day. It also makes it easy to keep in contact with friends and family outside of work.

Affecting the Home and Office
It is apparent that the difference between home and work are becoming less and less due to social media. People are able to work from home because of technical advances and online resources. At work, people are able to stay connect thought he outside world through networks like Facebook and Twitter.

Changes for the Future
Social media has changed the way we have interacted and it is possible that it way alter the way we communicate in the future. It is hard to imagine all the possibilities that may come from social networking. These tools have had an impact on interoffice communication, connecting with friends, and getting the news. Even though it is interesting to think about where social media will take our society, we have to determine a way to handle these changes affecting the difference between work and home life.

Meeting New People
Social Networks have increased the number of people we have contact with. Before these websites, people had to meet through work, school, neighborhoods, and churches. Now individuals can find other with common interests with the help of the internet. Even though connecting online has been around for a while, it has changed recently. Through instant messaging, hangout, Facebook, and Twitter, people can contact and reply relatively quickly much like in a face to face conversation.

Keeping it Appropriate
Since social networks became popular in a short amount of time there were many users who took advantage of the freedom associated with these websites. To maintain order and etiquette, there are people that will police these sites to make sure nobody is acting inappropriately.

Social Networking Tweens
Recently social networking sites have become concerned about the number of users under the age of thirteen that have online profiles. While some popular websites are getting rid of their rules and letting kids on their site, other social media websites have started forming to let kids online but maintaining a safe environment. Parents are starting to let their children join free social networking sites for kids to let them connect with others online without the problems associated with other social networking websites.

Kids Social Network offers a safe place for children to use social media. This safe social networking site for kids is constantly monitored to give parents piece of mind. Parents can even log on to make sure their kids are using the site safely. Kids can play games, chat with friends, and visit the online library all on this site like Facebook for kids.

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