China Telecom is planning to offer iPhone


China Telecom is the third largest Chinese wireless carrier in the service and is also the smallest China’s Wireless Carrier. Reports are that China Telecom will become the second wireless carrier for Apple’s popular iPhone. The agreement of Apple with its rival company will be expired soon and it will enable China Telecom to sell the iDevice.

According to Deutsche Bank Analyst, due to the expiry of Apple’s agreement with its rival, China Telecom now will also be an official iPhone seller in China. At present, China Unicom, the second largest mobile carrier in China, is the sole seller of iPhone exclusively in China, but this exclusive deal of China Unicom with Apple is expiring in the beginning of the next year, as per the notes of Deutsche Bank statement which was released on Thursday.

This deal of China Telecom to sell iPhones will open up a way for them; the company basically is operating a 3G network in the country based on a standard which is called as CDMA 2000. iPhone is planning to launch its latest iPhone model that will work with the CDMA network and it will incorporate this latest CDMA 2000 technology.

The report by the Deutsche Bank analyst also says that although China Telecom management has still not cleared this fact that whether they will be selling a CDMA based iPhone in the next quarter or not but all the recent deals of China Telecom with Apple and Qualcomm suggests that a CDMA based iPhone sale in China is in the pipeline. No Spokesman of China Telecom is available for the comment on this fact.

China Telecom has been on the downside as far as share prices are concerned and their shares have been sliding down steadily. In the last trading session, it was down by 0.47 percent.

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