Choosing the Perfect Television: Bigger Isn't Always Better


A lot of people think that bigger is better when it comes to television screens, but there are several constraints that dictate the ideal TV size for your space. Here are some tips on how to ensure your TV looks, fits, and feels right in your home — and most importantly that you will enjoy it!

Tip #1: Don’t Forget about Your TV Stand!

When buying a new TV, consider the size of your existing television and where it’s currently located. If you have a TV stand or entertainment center that it sits in, make sure that any new television you buy will fit in your existing setup. If you really want a TV much bigger than your existing setup can handle, plan on adding the expense of a new TV stand or entertainment center when you buy your new television. If you plan to use your current setup, take some measurements so that you have a realistic idea of what size television will fit well.

Tip #2: Remember that Your TV Is a Piece of Furniture

A lot of people forget this when they’re shopping for a new television or home theater system. Before you buy anything, try to imagine what all the components will look like in your home. A gigantic TV will dwarf other pieces of furniture in your home if it’s too big. Also imagine where you plan on placing your new TV. If you buy a set that’s hulking and black or dark gray, it can also make the room feel unbalanced. This is more likely to happen when you place it on one side of the room and don’t have other furniture equally heavy on the other side of the room to balance it out.

Choosing the Perfect Television

Tip #3: Know Where Your Dish or Cable Connects In Your Home

There’s nothing worse when it comes to setting up your TV than getting all excited about putting it in one spot in your home and then finding out last minute that you’ll have to put it somewhere else. Cable and dish companies like those at can’t always install your receiver box wherever you want them to. They will frequently want to install it on an outside wall because it’s more convenient to access the satellite dish or broadband cable that way. If you aren’t sure where you’ll be able to put your TV, talk to your cable or satellite TV provider or installer.


When buying a new television, it’s easy to get carried away in the excitement of getting something new that’s bigger and better than what you already have. Remember that even though you’re excited about your purchase now, you’ll most likely have your new television for a year or even several before you buy another. Keep in mind that you want something you’ll feel happy with for months or years to come, and you’ll want something that fits the style of your home. Making sure to evaluate how your new TV will fit your home and decor can ensure that you stay satisfied with your new television for a long time.

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