Clear 4G+ Mobile Series S USB modem


Positives: The best feature of Clear 4G+ Mobile Series S USB modem is that it offers an unlimited 4G data plan, no comparison with other products if used in its range, new design, better speed, service and connectivity, allows both 3G and 4G, available on lease also.

Negatives: The only major concern is that the modem gets heated really quickly and when you’re out of the coverage area, you might receive weak or no signals.

The End Result: The Clear 4G+ Mobile Series S USB modem is a great addition to the already existing products in the market offering 4G connectivity. Due to its download speed, the modem has gained popularity and would soon gain great market share.


If you’re looking for a product which offers you unlimited 4G data plan then Clear’s 4G+ Mobile Series S USB modem is the right product for you. The reason for this is that it offers you exceptional quality in terms of connectivity and downloads if you access it within its covered area. This service is believed to be way better than that of the LG VL600 LTE USB Modem from Verizon.

If we compare the two products, it wouldn’t be hard to judge which is better in terms of connectivity, shape, design, speed and data plan. After reviewing the 4G+ Mobile Series S USB modem it was concluded that it has an added advantage over other products of the similar kind because of the unlimited 4G data plan. Besides this factor, 4G+ Mobile Series S USB modem has better design, shape and it also offers higher speeds and great connectivity.

The major factor which might be a concern is the coverage. The reason for this is that service is not available in most parts because of expansion phase. During the review, the highlighted factor was the download speed which even exceeded that of Verizon’s VL600.

Leaving aside the fact that the modem has coverage issues, if you are present in an area where it does provide coverage, there is no better product than 4G+ Mobile Series S USB modem. The whole package is priced at $115 which includes a two year contract. However, if you do not wish to pay up front then you could get the product leased at $6/month for two years.

Design, Ease of Use, and Features

If we review the product in terms of design, then it could be said that it has a very odd shape. The shape of the modem resembles to a big circular candy which has a flat base. In order to maintain the flexibility, the designers have made the head of the USB collapsible so that it could be shut when it’s not in use and goes up till 90-degres when open. This allows it to fit into any sort of USB port, even those which are hard to reach.

On the top side of the modem, it has two lights which indicate whether the modem is in use or not. Both the lights respectively represent 3G and 4G connectivity. This means that when the product is in use, the green light comes on and in a single time, one connection can be used. It also has a small port which allows you to fit an antenna to get access to coverage if you are out of range.


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