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Cloud Web Hosting: What Is It and What’s in It for You?


There is a lot of mystery surrounding Cloud Web Hosting and you are very much likely to come across this term if you are looking for web hosting options. The service although being exemplary is not common and not many web hosts provide this service. The subject by itself is new but is gaining popularity at a rapid pace and is likely to be the number one choice of customers looking for more options in companies they wish to exploit and at the same time pay less by exploiting the competitive market.

Cloud Web Hosting

The Concept

Cloud Web Hosting may best be understood as a web hosting service that is not dependent upon the resources of one server but has the unique ability to extract information from a group or clusters of servers. The direct advantage accrued from this process is that if your website is popular it is likely to overload the shared web hosting server, however, with Cloud Web Hosting this load is shared amongst several servers that serve your website. All aspects of hosting the website are taken care of and issues of hardware availability and security are addressed at the same time. This cluster of servers gives the nomenclature of Cloud to this unique kind of Web Hosting Service.

What’s there for You?

As explained above the concept is most beneficial if your website has grown out of proportion to be served by a shared server. The ideal solution could be to have a dedicated server for your website; however, the concept of dedicated servers besides being costly requires technical knowledge for upkeep and maintenance. Imagine a situation where in your popular website gets real busy during specific hours of the day leading to lower service standards and loss of clients. At such moments of busy schedule more Clouds attach to your server to share the load and keep the service standards at optimum level. Now when the demand reduces these Clouds are let off and the website is then being served by less number of servers depending upon the load. Thus your website has an inherent flexibility to draw the resources of other servers. The following example makes the concept and its utility more clear. A website that engages in planning holiday trips and ticketing gets real busy during the Christmas holidays but draws average response balance time of the year. The owner of the website may have his account suspended for causing undue strain on the host website that being the shared kind; however, if he has the privilege to increase the resources for his website for those specific two-three months when the requirement is high he can easily tide over the crises.

Besides being of specific advantage to websites that see a diurnal or a seasonal spike the concept of Cloud Web Hosting is very economical as you pay for the resources only when you utilize them. But with dedicated servers you pay an exorbitant fee irrespective of your website’s requirement for that kind of resource at that time of the day, month or year. The Clouds are let off after they have served your purpose. Cloud Web Hosting is thus economical and at the same time a one stop solution to all your Web Hosting worries.

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