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Coding Is The Core Skill Of The 21st Century


In the 21st century, we found ourselves in a new digital enviroment. It became pivotal to broaden our basic understanding of how programming works. Code literacy is almost important as functional one since we are all everyday internet customers and active users. The digital world made us learn about how to use computers very quickly, but many of us lack in programming knowledge.

In a situation where we are not code literate, we must accept the devices we use with whatever limitations and agendas their creators have built into them. The goal is to make the technology work the way we want it, but in order to get there we need to became more aware about how programs are made. Obviously, the benefits that come out of learning about the basic program-building process are numerous.

Coding Is The Core Skill Of The  21st Century

What is Literacy

New age literacy goes beyond knowing about how to use spoken and written language all the way to knowing how to manage multimedia communication and use the internet. Learning how to use apps, create them to suite your needs and comunicate properly are the basis of being able to perform in modern society, to react and be an active part of it.

Creating in Digital Enviroment

Generally speaking, knowing something about programming makes us more aware as individuals. Also, this knowledge can be useful when you are searching for a job or planning a change in your career. Programmers are needed in every country and they rarely lack job opportunities so even if you like to move a lot, this kind of job allows you to live anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection.

Understanding the New

Learning how software is developed and how the ecosystem of computer technology really works, helps us understand the new enviroment in which we’ll be working and living as a society. Codes are just mere tools that empower us to make our ideas come to life with the use of computer technology and improve our everyday lives.

For students today, it it crucial to get familiar with coding since it can help them in organising their time better, improving their skills, developing new software and solving problems. They will be an important part of the brave new world and coding will help them to understand it better.

Finally, learning to code in a social context is informing people about the values of a digital society where everything is shared and distributed equally. These new values are replacing the industrial age values with general knowledge that is served to everyone. It’s a new kind of teamwork that allows people to comunicate in a different way.

The Decision

To build my own code literacy, I decided to take some classes and ended up wanting to know as much as I can about coding. Here, I worked with the latest skill sets and I got to know every aspect of the rapidly elvolving market. Moreover, I realised how in very short period of time I acuired a variety of usefull skills and upgraded my knoledge about software. I strongly recommend this to both computer lovers and those who perceive technology as something too complicated to process.

Coding is more than just a nice skill to be familiar with and in time it will become an essential piece of practical knowledge. The best thing about programming is that nowadays learning it is both interesting and fun thing to do. Being able to keep track with the new tendencies is an imperative and once you get the basics down, you will wonder how you ever got by before.

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