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Color Palettes and Graphics


Color Palettes and Graphics

Downloading graphics can be a very irritating process due to the time consumed. It is not uncommon for graphics to download at different rates.  Graphic download rates depend on the total bytes of information that have to be shifted to the secondary machine from the server. The compression methods used provide an insight of how huge pictures can be downloaded and shown quickly as compared to small ones. Two main graphic methods are the JPEG and the GIF that compress the images differently.

The GIF File Format

The file displayed below is an 8-bit and binds and makes small perfectly due to the flat color sections.

Color Palettes and Graphics

The GIF file is 6k according to its 4 bits per pixel saving mode.

Color Palettes and Graphics

This is an 8 bit portrait and is not as saturated.

Color Palettes and Graphics

The 17K JPEG is very compact making it appear congested.

The number of colors are determined by the number of bits of information. Though the color monitor can accommodate these colors the computer may not process them. For chats and diagrams, sixteen colors would do.  When saving the image on the file it is vital to indicate the width of the pixels and its depth so that it can face necessary adjustments.

Encoding of the Run Length

GIF size is 684 bytes.Color Palettes and Graphics

Size is 3707 bytes.Color Palettes and Graphics

Notably, the same number recurs.

Run length encoding entails a flat color picture having runs that range from 0 to 255 and it ensures that the broad based pictures that have flat colors will compact better.

For those pictures that vary their pixel values frequently do not compact easily. Color variations on the pixel may make the compacted file appear larger than the uncompacted one.

JPEG File Layout

The GIF image located on the left possesses 24k and the other one 16k.  Though they look similar on an eight byte display on a 16 and 24 bit display they will differ.

Color Palettes and Graphics

For the 30k and 20k files as shown below the image are rather similar.

Color Palettes and Graphics

In case you’re in built visual card can accommodate 24-bit pictures then one can enjoy clear pictures. The GIF pictures appear equivalent on both the 8-bit and 24 bit unlike the JPEG pictures that are more suitable on the 24 bit.

GIF works best for graphic pictures banners, keys, and JPEG is best suited for photos.

The Palettes

The web palette colors are similar. When dealing with a Mac, press the palette and press the mouse. Go ahead and save once you view the pop up menu. For PC users simply press the mouse key on the right to enter the save picture menu.

Color Palettes and Graphics

The 8-bit color and the application of palettes differ in their handling of MacOS and windows programs. The palettes can be distributed to the probable values available within the RGB shade vacuum.  This concept is theoretical.

The Mac has unchangeable black and white colors thus enhancing reading whereas windows has a variety of colors.  The browser on the web has the ability of re- structuring the GIF file to its color.

The table below illustrates the values of the RGB that go hand in hand with varying color selector systems

% 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100%
Dec 0 51 102 153 204 255
Hex 0 33 66 99 CC FF

Both systems have similar colors commonly used by different browsers like Netscape.

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