Communication As The World Gets Smaller


How conference calls provide the perfect opportunity for businesses to excel in an ethical manner

The world is in an unprecedented age whereby international travel is as easy as jumping into the car and driving down the motorway.
At the same time, technology is booming and developing at such a fast rate.  Even as little as a decade ago, communication methods seem very primitive compared to what is available now.

Email and networking via the internet was a revolution, and it has enabled even the smallest business to compete on a global scale.
However, with the advent of  email and web based communication, complaints began to arise regarding the lack of personal contact, or being able to discuss matters face to face.  Long forgotten times of dealing with clients on the phone, or in meetings were missed, and it was time for business to return to being personal.

Businesses have to achieve the balance between customer service, being internationally mobile and working efficiently.

There is no better way to achieve these aims than by use of the international conference call.  Where a global firm has staff based across the world, it is often logistically difficult to arrange for all to meet to catch up on the latest offerings and professional development matters.  Furthermore, messages sent via email can get lost within the text and a meeting would be more advantageous in getting certain points across.  Sometimes, dealing with matters either in person or over the phone can often be quicker and more efficient than sending emails backwards and forwards.

A popular solution to this during the boom years was to provide conferences for staff to meet in one location to discuss matters.  However, at the moment the world faces unprecedented economic difficulties and it is often seen as vulgar when big global firms in particular arrange for staff to meet at conferences.  The travel costs seem over the top and excessive.  Firms which show that they can cut costs whilst remaining personable are often seen as more in touch and leave a better impression than those who still revel in boom time style excess.

The international conference call can solve many problems here.  Where technical or strategic information needs to be relayed across global offices of a business, it is often easier to arrange for all relevant parties to take part in one call.  Technology these days means that software in phones and within networks can be utilised to synchronise with diaries and ensure that the right people attend the right meetings.

Article written by Michael McDonald from, experts in arranging international conference calls.

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