Cooking Meets Technology: 3 Ways To Take Your Cooking Passion Online


From the budding home cook to seasoned kitchen veterans, technology can play an integral role in modern cooking. Not only do digital resources serve to enrich a chef’s understanding of food products and different techniques, but they allow food gurus to share their knowledge with others in a meaningful way. For those looking to interact with other food lovers, technology is also a powerful tool, bringing cooks from across the globe together as one. Use the following simple steps to begin your foray into the world of digital desserts and techno treats.

Utilising Recipe Apps

Apps have become a prolific part of everyday life, with smartphone and tablet owners using these simple tools for an assortment of productivity tasks. The home cook is no different, with a plethora of recipe apps waiting to be explored. Covering a diverse range of different subjects and food groups, these apps are a fantastic resource for anyone looking for a new twist on old favourite. Many recipe apps also allow users to submit their own recipes, in addition to reviewing and commenting on existing information. This is a simple way to share troubleshooting information, or include details about substitutions that proved successful in practical application.

Finding Inspiration on Pinterest

Pinterest has quickly grown to be one of the world’s most popular social networking platforms. Millions of consumers around the planet share products, ideas, and content using the social media tool. Recipes and food products have their place on the platform too, with many avid users eagerly sharing their favourites with others.

When looking for a bit of inspiration, Pinterest can provide plenty of great ideas. It is easy to connect with others who have boards upon boards of recipes and food pictures. Users may also wish to share their own experiences on Pinterest, sharing images and recipes from their own personal arsenal. These exchanges make cooking more enjoyable and fun for all involved.

Blogging: Sharing and Discovering Food Excitement

Food bloggers are one of the largest sectors of the personal blogosphere, with many connected users sharing their experienced on personal blogs. Whether looking for inspiration or instead hoping to share information with others, blogs can serve as the perfect platform. Those who would like to begin their own blog may consider documenting the creation of a favourite starter or dessert, in turn sharing the food’s creation with the world. Bloggers can also connect with other food writers online, sharing tips and advice to help improve each other’s personal approach in the kitchen.

The advent of technology has helped to bring the world closer together than ever before. For those who are truly passionate about cooking and all that it entails, technology makes it easy to share that zeal with others. Whether looking for inspiration on social media and personal sites, or instead hoping to step into the world of instruction through tutorials, personal recipes, and special advice, the myriad of technology resources available makes it easy for anyone to get involved online.

Tom is an Apprentice Chef at Flying Fish Restaurant in Sydney, Australia. As well as a food lover, Tom is an avid technology enthusiast, and loves finding ways to combine his passions.

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