Cool Health and Fitness Gadgets For The Health Junkies – Staying Aware Of Them


At the CES 2016, health and fitness has remained the dominant theme. Health and fitness gadgets are getting a hang of this huge technical revolution. Have you ever thought of the technology which defines the present era? It comprises of cheap hardware components which are abundant enough and there’s wireless connectivity, cloud storage and intelligent computing and there’s a smartphone to rule them. There’s no single category of gadgets and apps which have put all the aforementioned trends to use than the fitness and health sector. The concerns of this article will give you a list of a new paradigm of technology on which you should pay attention. Here are some that you may take into account.

  1. Vert: This is a typical fitness tracker which is more concerned on how high you jump rather than how much distance you run. This fitness gadget makes use of gyrometers and accelerometers to measure the acceleration of your body through different events like jumping. Vert can measure the rate of change of acceleration with the body dynamics to know whether or not you’re performing perfectly. Vert can be used to tune for athletes and it has the ability tell about the results the app for analysis. It works more like a pedometer on steroids.Cool Health and Fitness Gadgets For The Health Junkies – Staying Aware Of Them
  2. Finis Neptune: In all kinds of sport activities, music can definitely be considered as a powerful motivation to work through that extra mile but did it ever help you in swimming that extra lap? The Finis Neptune, like Sportiiiis, can be secured to a swimmer’s eyewear or swimming goggles and it uses bone conduction audio to relay music into the ears of the user without having to plug in earbuds. When this device is submerged underwater, it makes music clearer and louder. You get a 4GB built-in memory space and the battery lasts for 8 hours.
  3. QardioBase: The QardioBase is a smart gadget for body composition. The scale is a round piece of glass, which is a little more than a foot in the diameter, uses algorithms and software to determine BMI (body mass index) and body composition. This gadget can also calculate body fat percentage, muscle mass and bone and water bone composition. The QardioBase gives the user a good feedback as users don’t need to worry about short term fluctuations in weight and can be partnered with nutrition trackers.
  4. FitKat: There is a series of fitness bands out of Hong Kong which aim towards contextual awareness. Apart from normal fitness band functions, what FitKat tries to do is understand the person who is wearing it and also respond to external conditions. The gadget can then send alerts to the person through which he can help himself adjust to the surroundings and behavior. FitKat attempts to know the user to help the user get maximum efficiency through the day.

Therefore, if you’re looking forward to something cool which is related to the health and fitness industry, take into account the above mentioned products and use them to reap the benefits.

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