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Blogging has become a very popular way for people to express their thoughts, share their views, and even offer advice to others online. Earlier, there were diaries that people maintained to write down what they thought. Their thoughts were limited only to themselves or to a close few and there was sometimes no way for them to share it with a larger number of people and sometimes this lead to a loss of some really excellent food for thought.

Steps To Create A New Blog
Today, with blogging becoming increasingly popular, people can create a new blog to share what they are thinking, share their reviews on something, offer advice to people and all of this can be done even without knowing the other person who probably lives a few continents away. Almost everyone today knows how to create a new blog, the steps are quite simple:

  1. Go through a few websites and shortlist the ones you would like to blog on. While selecting the site, see if the topics discussed on that site are what you want to blog about too. Most of the blogging websites offer directed steps to create a new blog and are very helpful and may ask you to fill out some information.
  2. You may be asked to provide information like your name, email id, create a password, and maybe even choose the areas for which you would want to write. The most important thing that you will need to do while you create a new blog is your screen name.
  3. Your screen name or blog name decides how people look at it, whether they find it relevant, do they want to read it? The screen name needs careful consideration. The common procedure after creating a blog is to write…your thoughts, your feelings, your reviews, or even some updates that may help the masses.
  4. After you have created a new blog with the information you wanted to add, you will be offered the option to post it.
  5. You can choose from a variety of options to post a new blog that you created. You can post the blog on the same site, you can share it via email, share it on various popular social networking sites and so on; there are many ways to make the blog become available to the people you know or to others you may not. There are choices to make the blog public or private only for the people you share it with. Normally, people will visit the blog and then will comment on it or like it, and you can reply to them and have various healthy interactions with people online

Though there are various online websites that allow creating a new blog for free, there are also many sites that come with subscriptions and charge a certain amount for a membership. There are different types of memberships a person can choose from based on the type of account they want and the usage they have.

You can choose to create a new blog that is linked to your email account or even with a social network account. These offer a lot of additional benefits and can help to create a new blog with a lot of help. You can also customize your new blog with new themes and colors and seven by adding pictures that you would want to.

After you have learnt to create a new blog, adding content and sharing your thoughts becomes very easy. One thing you need to be mindful of is to comply by the policies of the site you blog on and not to violate the terms so that you can continue with the new blog you created and graduate to making many more.

Azariah Daniels is a web publisher and writer for and the – her expertise includes web technology, website design, online business and marketing.

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