Creating Notes Made Easy with SimpleNote – Iphone Application Review


Creating Notes Made Easy with SimpleNote – Iphone Application Review

As what its name implies, SimpleNote is an IPhone application which allows users to jot down notes, reminders, or short write-ups in a neat and easy-to-use manner. It comes in handy for those people who want to create notes in a simple and laid back process.

The feature is basically designed in a very simple fashion so that writing down notes can be done immediately. SimpleNote basically has three main windows, the Home Screen, the Text-Editing Field and the Options Window. In the Home Screen, users can directly view all of their file compilations including a search bar option which enables them to locate a specific note by just typing a name, keyword, or tag. The options window is where the users can have the choice to save their works on the phone or make a connection with the online server and create their personal account. This is a very useful feature because this lets users make their notes online, instantly update it on their mobile, and vice versa. The last window is the text-editing panel where basically all the work is done. The user can simply start and type right away. For those who do not want any complications with writing texts, this application has no option for formatting (changing styles, color, and appearance). As what is stated in the description, it is very simple and easy to use. If the users wanted to discard unnecessary entries, there is a button for trashing in order to delete the selected files. The application also has an email button which enables the users to send their notes to their email accounts and lets them store the files online. This makes it more simple to view and edit the notes anytime of the day. The application’s simple format also allows it to be copied or saved to other word-processing applications such as Microsoft Word, Notepad and the likes.

Recently, latest versions were released with new and added features. The application already has a pinned-note feature which enables the users to immediately have their recent, most edited or most viewed notes at the top of the note list. Additionally, the list can be categorized in an alphabetical, customized, or created order.  Another new feature is the full screen option which basically allows the users to have a full view of their notes. It also has the text search preference. If the users want to find a certain word in an article, they can just simply type the word in the field and the searched word will immediately be shown in the articles by yellow highlights. Lastly, the users can have the option to restore deleted texts. If they accidentally erase or save an entry and they want to restore the preceding actions, the application automatically creates several previous saves which the user can instantly view.

SimpleNote can be downloaded with no cost at all. There is a premium version for a twelve month subscription which is available for download at a certain recurring fee for added features.

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