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Data recovery RAID has gained importance among IT solution providers, since raid issues are challenging and require a great amount of attention of technical staff, experts and technicians. Now, time and money are two important factors for many enterprises to consider, in case if their key data is lost and they want that to be recovered on immediate basis. So, RAID (Redundant array of independent disks) has been especially designed to protect your data in case of serious hard drive outage, containing enterprise most crucial data.

What makes RAID so special?

RAID has the most special built-in redundant quality that enables it to continue its functioning in case of severe hard drive failure. RAID arrays are hardware based as well as software based. But this is the critical situation for RAID to remain in operating state, often termed as RAID degraded state. In this degraded state, the array does not provide redundancy mechanism. So, experts do not suggest creating a disk image of a degraded array, as it is useless to restore information from a disk, already dilapidated.

RAID possible ailments and recovery techniques

A couple of ailments can compromise RAID system, liable to fail at multiple points including viral attacks on the RAID disk, physical hardware error, or logical software error. Similarly, RAID possible failures may be due to its missing partitions, controller failure, lost server registry configurations or boot failure. Since, RAID is an array of redundant disk, so to avoid the whole or some array to get corrupted, proper backup of RAID logical information is necessary.

Hardware repair

This is the first responsibility of RAID analysts to discover the real cause of RAID failure. If they find that Raid system is damaged due to general hardware failure, multiple techniques are available to recover it. One of these is to replace the corrupted drive, but this technique is not worthy enough as it may result in loss of the RAID logical bit information. Another possible solution is to create a disk mirror, referred as disk imaging, to save your all important information; and then reconstruct the lost file from RAID mirror image, termed as RAID virtual reassembly.

Software repair

For RAID software recovery, various automated utility tools are present, such as:

  • Partition recovery tool to restore deleted or reformatted files, corrupted MBR or damaged partitions
  • RAID recovery tool for reconfiguring dismantled RAID arrays.

In conclusion, many high success rates data recovery RAID services are available. Using these specialized facilities, equipment and recovery software, lost data can be recovered even from a fell down hard drive.

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