Deciphering The Mystery Of Storage Unit Living


In a normal situation, you wouldn’t consider living in a storage unit. In fact, most people would think you were crazy if you mentioned the idea. Recently, a heart breaking news story caught your attention. You discovered a family of four living in a storage unit. How was this possible? It’s too disturbing for you to believe a family lives in such a tiny area. Without a doubt, this is a truly bizarre story; most people can’t understand why anyone would consider staying in a storage unit.

Scoping the Circumstances

Experts agree that living in a storage unit would be absurd, insane, and uncomfortable. What makes an adult think this will work for their family? There are many reasons why someone would consider living in a storage unit. Imagine if you lost your job and you couldn’t afford to pay your mortgage. This would be devastating for you; exactly where would you live? Some people believe there is no other option available. It may seem impossible living in a storage unit, but there have been several news stories about this. In fact, some storage companies state this is prohibited in the contract. You are violating the system when you live in a storage unit.

Breaking the News

Recently published in the Houston Chronicle, a family of eight was living in a 12×25 square foot shed. The story was heartbreaking because there were six children living in the small unit. Apparently, the family hit unusually hard times; and was not able to pay their rent. It is intriguing to note the family stayed there for a couple of years. However, when the story made the local news; child protective services came in and removed the children. Nowadays, many poor families are considering staying in storage units. Struggling parents have a hard time taking care of their family. The problem is in large cities there are little resources available for extremely poor individuals. There are only so many government programs that can be offered.

The Puzzling Explanation

How is this accomplished? Good question. Storage units don’t have drinking water, bathrooms, or electricity. The parents tried to make the storage unit into a suitable home for the kids. For example, they managed to get an air conditioner, refrigerator, and plant a garden in the back of the building. It’s crucial to remember in times of distress anything can be rigged to develop a decent shelter. The family used a 55 gallon barrel of water; it was filled using a spigot they found at the storage unit. It’s hard to believe, but their drinking water was filled at local stores using one gallon jugs. The family used a portable toilet, which is usually found at local stores around the area. Clearly, living in these conditions was extremely difficult for everyone.

The Real Deal

Simply put, staying in a storage unit is a horrendous plan and should never be attempted. There are other options to consider before making such an insane choice. If you know someone with financial difficulties, consider talking to them. The truth is you could find yourself in a bad situation, so be careful not to judge other people. Helping out a friend, can prevent tear jerking stories like this from happening.

Melanie Justice has a master degree in psychology. Recently, she rented some Layton storage units and was extremely impressed.

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