Defending Security Breaches In The Wholesale and Retail POS


In today’s world of online financial transactions and business regulation, it is essential to protect yourself from cybercrime that can let to the potential fall of the whole system or worse a security breach that can result in disclosure of personal information of the clients. It can later be exploited to a dangerous extent. That’s why the retail and wholesale POS end-point security is a very vulnerable issue.
Today retailers are provided with a set of security regulation that he is expected to follow in order to minimize online vulnerability of hacking of the data. Internal auditors and compliance officers are exactly tasked to follow these set of instruction but even the stringiest followers face security breaches. The end-point security is of maximum importance in this case but a small loophole can potentially result in disastrous effects. Whether you are in whole sale management or retail, the odds are not in your favor.

The attacker waits patiently and exploits the system to his advantage. The circuitous detouring of the systems eventually unveils a small loophole that is used to take down the whole system. Even with all Trojan horse virus detectors and malwares, you are never completely safe. The turnover in these industries, retail and whole sale management, is greatest and the attackers target the point that has the highest payoff i.e. the POS. Some of the steps that can be taken to defend against these security breaches.

Defending Security Breaches In The Wholesale and Retail POS

  1. System profiling

It is imperative that you profile how your POS works. Any application or configuration changes are thereby then alerted. Anything that happens out of normality is then checked and estimated as threat or not beforehand. The mission critical assets must be identified and defended in the same way as operational technology is treated by the energy and utilities industries. This will demand extra time and work on the part of company but at the end of the day, it will be all worth the effort.

  1. Strong Security Intelligence System

The most conventional way of containing the security breaches is to have a strong security system that provides fast and speedy forensics based log management system. The system should be of such kind that the intrusion can be detected before any compromise of data. Such kind of critical and time efficient logging systems are essential to ensure fool proof security.

  1. Detail out end-point risks

It is important to instruct your employees about the vulnerabilities attached with the end points. The data centers may be secure but the POS forms the breaching point. Everything here is exposed and threatened by external elements. Strong passwords and constant security testing can help in mitigating the risk associated with the end-points. These desktop PCs must be strictly regulated and no kind of personal activity should be allowed to be done from these end PCs.

  1. Cyber protection

Defending Security Breaches In The Wholesale and Retail POS

Better be late than be sorry. Advanced malware protection software and data loss prevention tools though do not provide you with 100 percent security but are essential to keep you away from danger. Many times people hesitate in implementing such minor steps that can produce startling effects in your security systems.

  1. Response Plan

Yes it is very logical and responsible to have a response plan ready in case of emergencies. Most of the time, in an emergency situation, you are so distraught that nothing reasonable comes to your mind. Therefore it is very effective if you list down all the possible emergency situations and what kind of response will be given in a particular one. It is a very simple task and there is no reason of not doing this at such a minimum cost!

  1. Keep everyone abreast of all security measures

When you will work with your employees in achieving the highest security measures, the result will be startling. The confidence of your employees in your leadership will help in thinning out chances of security breaches in POS Singapore businesses through coercion or deceit.

  1. Always keep an eye on everything

Many business POS that have been hit by a devastating breach are not new to these kind of attacks. These have happened to them over and over again. It is the misguided and ignorant confidence in their security practices that cost them money and their reputation too every time a breach occurs. You have to be alert and accommodating about newer developments in the IT field. Accepting these upgrades, whether you are comfortable with them or not, is the only sure way to protect POS.

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