Dell to Replace Employee BlackBerry s With Dell Venue Pro


Dell decided to move its 25,000 employees from BlackBerry to Dell Venue Pro. Dell employees can exchange their BlackBerrys with the upcoming Dell Venue Pro running on Windows Phone 7. Dell will also offer Android phones to its employees. Dell estimates that about 25% of their communication costs will be eliminated after the switch next week. In addition to switching their own employee phones, Dell moves a further step forward and decided to campaign among their clients to make a switch.

Dell Venue Pro

Dell may purchase a bulk data plan from T-Mobile. With the surge of Android phones in the market, RIM still survives because of its corporate customers. Dell expects to break this hold by introducing a BlackBerry alternative among their own employers and encouraging others to switch as well. The exchanged BlackBerry s may  be sold in eBay.

RIM hasn’t commented on Dell’s move yet. Dell expects to offer cheaper service to its business clients with BlackBerry alternatives like Androids and Windows Phone. Dell also commented that small and medium businesses can cut a lot of cost by getting rid of BlackBerry. The Dell employees who have the company issued BlackBerry will get the Venue Pro with voice and data plan and others will get Dell phones with voice only plans.

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