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Around the world we can still see a loyal and unwavering use of desktop computer systems in almost every developed country. In nearly every home within a developed country you will still find at least one desktop computer system regardless of how many laptops the residents may own. While laptops can be very quick and convenient in terms of mobility, desktops have the ground covered on strength, speed, expandability and longevity. It is quite a fascinating thing within the industry to see that while laptops, netbooks and tables pcs have basically taken over every inch of the consumer electronics industry, desktops still remain in high demand – it is almost a phenomenon to see both markets work so fiercely but in tandem next to each other. While many in the pc industry and tech world tout the farewell of the desktop and are trying to usher in the age of the all-in-one desktop, the desktops are holding their own in this battle. There are certain elements of computing and processing that a desktop can achieve almost effortlessly that a laptop will struggle to complete. Laptops have yet to compete successfully with the speed, memory capacity and the graphics options that desktop computers have to offer. There are certain things you may want to achieve with your computing system that a laptop simply cannot perform. Most people who try to replace their desktops with laptops end up being disappointed as this was never the intention of the development of laptops. All that was required was something that could take computing into a more portable realm and to supplement the power of the desktop system. You will find that many times people who tried to replace, ended up coming back to buy desktops anyway!

Just below you will see a couple things you can do with your desktop for which a laptop really can’t compare…enjoy!


There is a big market for video gamers around the world. At any given time, millions of people globally are engaged in networked multi player role playing games and they are all doing it from their desktops. The desktop is a wonderful medium for playing mmrpg’s because the visuals and the graphics are so dynamic that they almost create a 3d experience. You can enjoy a full bodied gaming experience when you invest in a high quality monitor, graphics/video and sound cards to die for and a comfortable desktop set up that is conducive to long hours of slaughter and world domination.

Photo Editing:

If graphic art is your passion or profession, you will know already that working from a desktop is the only way to go. While some laptops can boast large screens, they still do not compare to the capacity of the desktop monitors. Also, the most popular graphic manipulation software is a really program that requires some serious processing firepower – this is especially important if you plan on running other applications at the same time while photo-editing. Colors look more vibrant and your end product will look significantly more professional if created on a desktop.

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