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Many developments in the dental field have been popping up lately. From smartphone-connected apps that integrate with your brush, to whitening systems that fit right into your routine, we are witnessing a variety of advancements for our smiles. As a technological enthusaist, I’m always looking to simplify my life through creative means. Dental maintenance is something that everyone has to do every single day, so adding a little burst of technology into my routine is a welcomed addition.

Here is a list of the top technologies that are revolutionizing our dental hygiene:

1. App-Connected Toothbrush

A new player in the market for 2012 is the toothbrush that integrates with your phone by Bluetooth. It keeps track of the frequency of your brushing habbits, has timers to ensure you are brushing long enough, and keeps you from cheating with sensors built right into the brush. In the future the brush will even keep track of which areas of your mouth are getting the most brushing attention, and which could use a little more bristle lovin’.

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2. Vibrating Mouthpiece to Prevent Braces

Another 2012 invention, this one is life a mouth guard that is attached to a vibration device. The creators state that braces are a passive solution for shifting the teeth, while their creation is an active one that is actually FDA approved. Just 20 minutes each day has been proven to achieve results.

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3. Safe, Easy, and Effective Teeth Whitening

Strips, fancy lights, and whitening toothpastes are whitening systems of the past. These days, it is all about foam-based solutions. Foam whiteners are like the equivalent of a laundry detergent for your teeth. Instead of abrasive gels, the foam lifts stains from your teeth, helping to restore them to your natural white colour. Just substitute it for your regular toothpaste and brush twice a day, as you normally would. So easy, and so effective (I use it myself).

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At my practice, I have found that my clients love to hear about all the news and new gadgets that they can use to upkeep their hygiene. I love staying up to date with all of the advancements and keeping you all informed. If your interested, come pay me a visit in Toronto at Yorkville Dental. Keep checking back for a variety of other advancements in the dentistry field. Thanks for reading, and leave me a comment with your favourite dental technological advancements!

Brian Schwartz is a technology enthusaist, always looking to simplify and improve life through the use of a variety of apps, gadgets, and new swag. Currently he is focusing on the dental segment, specifically easy and effective teeth whitening.

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