Does Blogging Still Work?


Does Blogging Still WorkAs per contemporary trends of internet marketing, it is clearly evident that blogging is on a steep decline. The most probable reason for this is the over-saturation of the existing blogosphere. So if you are already a part of it, you may not be affected as much as a newbie would be. For the same reason, today’s blogging has become an unfeasible marketing medium. Some features of that affect the fate of blogging are as follows:

  • Blogosphere Gluttony: Blogs offer a crowded space where there are way too many writer ramblings, giveaways, interviews linked from one wall to the other.  Beyond a few clicks, all of it seems like a re-run. Unless it’s a very striking headline from twitter, you won’t even bother going through its contents.
  • The audience: Most of the times a blogger gets visited and engaged by other bloggers or writers. The outreach of blogging can be questioned in this context. It is just reaching a niche group and that’s it. Rather, it is more of an inter-dependent blogging atmosphere wherein the blogger community lends a helping hand to its constituents in promoting the content. With such limitations, the authenticity of a blog is always questionable.
  • Alternatives: Social media seems to be a better tool to reach for the right people. Social media makes sure there isn’t just a niche cluster that knows about your recent activities. Social media has taken over the blogging concept with its unfenced discussions, propagation and recommendations. The Facebook link would be able to fetch you more comments and related activity than the real blog itself. As a result, actual blogging is awfully impacted.
  • Facts in favor: Though social media and the re-shares offered by it has brought a revolution in visibility of information, yet bloggers have something to cheer about. Albeit blogging is surely on a decline, it isn’t all dead and there are some factors that still keep it in the game:
    • Search-ability: It’s tough to track and search information on social networks and contrarily, it’s pretty easy in case of blogs. You get easily search for news and posts owing to subscriptions and structured classification of blogs.
    • Longevity: The longevity of information remains a question in case of social networking platforms as information gets outdated in a jiffy. When you enter a discussion, it is likely to lead into another interesting subject and the former one fading away.
    • Google indexing: Blogs get the support of Google indexing but if the profile of a person is private, then there is no scope for its information to get indexed on Google. Thus, blogs edge forward in getting a visible ranking.

Hence, there are still some pros to root for, and blogging would certainly not become extinct. The group of bloggers and their readers are a firm community that has a relationship with sensible information sharing unlike the aimless and random posts on a social medium. Blogging makes social posts far sensible and to make it work, you should stuff your blog with apt information and then make social mediums point towards the same.

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