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Does Crowdsourcing Design Makes Sense? My Review Of Designhill


A well-made logo design holds high esteem in the enterprise society. Before you invest your hard earned money on a graphic designer, go through my review of Designhill – an online crowdsourcing design marketplace. I have made some detailed notes of the features and functions, I liked and disliked.

Let’s take a closer look at what Designhill can offer in terms of cost, design and quality. Check out their pricing before we discuss the pros and cons.

DesignhillThe Pros of Using Designhill

  • Online crowdsourcing website Designhill has an interesting project creating area and an intuitive design posting process. It helps you spread your design idea or the brief among designers in a rather orderly manner. Giving design briefs proves to be a daunting task in one-to-one conversations, as one-to-one conversations involves constant feedback and noise. Usually, entrepreneurs have no idea of how to explain a design concept to a graphic designer, which makes the entire project tedious. Interestingly, Designhill offers an array of questions that makes it easy for entrepreneur to define their idea.
  • One of the coolest feature I liked about Designhill was their dedicated customer care team. In most of the design crowdsourcing sites, customer care is a paid feature but Designhill provides it for free. I remember talking to a customer care representative called Lucy, who calmed down most of my worries in no time. This is specially useful for first time business owners and young entrepreneurs.
  • The idea behind money back guarantee process is to make sure enterprises don’t feel cheated. More often than not, a design brief fails to garner proper response from designers, which in turn makes the entire design contest wearisome. In such a scenario, it’s better to close the contest and get your money refunded rather than continuing the contest and settle for a mediocre design. Personally, I liked their concept of giving a rough idea of submissions based on the budget.
  • The best thing about Designhill, something which isn’t on their competitor’s list, is the fact that you can view designer information such as their existing work, skills and a short designer bio.
  • Since the nature of your design contest is predefined, you will never find any hidden charges along. With freelancers and design agencies, you may end up paying more than what promised because of their working hours and design revisions. But, it’s not the same case when you work with Designhill. Here, you exactly get what you pay for.
  • Those running short on time, or with smaller budgets can opt for readymade logo store where you can find a number of pre-made, creative and affordable logos.
  • Since it is an open source crowdsourcing platform, expect a lot of entries. In my own personal experience, I received around 70 entries in the one week time-frame of my design contest.

The Cons of Using Designhill

  • Most people have a weakness to create a relation when working with designers. However, Designhill and other crowdsourcing websites, you don’t have the option for personal conversation with designers. This eliminates any chance to hire them all again directly for a future project.
  • Designers across the globe send numerous entries for an open contests. And it’s not easy for everyone to take away the prize money. In the race to win, many designers are left heart-broken as all their efforts go down the drain. If people at Designhill are reading this, I would really appreciate if they can keep few featured designers on a small retainer so that they could make some money by submitting a certain number of designs each month.

Overall, I think you have nothing to lose by launching design contests at Designhill. If you are starting a new business or thinking about re branding your existing business, I would strongly recommend Designhill for your needs.

Misty Jhones
Misty Jhones is a Bachelor of Arts in English from University of California and graduate of Queen’s University. Her interests run the gamut from global development and world wide affairs to obscure new technologies. On any given day you're likely to find me writing about the latest technologies and their online solution.

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