Downtime: How To Stop Technology Ruling Your Life


In a time where we rely on the internet, our smart phones and tablets for life both at work and at home, it can sometimes be difficult to switch off.

Remote working is a factor which has increased the use of on-the-go devices such as smart phones and even when the clock hits 5pm we often work beyond our finish time just to get that all-important presentation completed.

So just how can we make sure we leave enough time for ourselves and not let technology take over our lives?

Time is of the essence

It can be very tempting to work over the weekend and in the evenings when we have technology on our side, but don’t let it take over. Limit your use of devices in the evenings and weekends by giving yourself certain times of the day you will allow yourself to check emails and do work. Also highlight times of the day – or indeed whole days themselves – where you will ensure your device is either switched off or left on silent.

Striking the right balance

It’s really important that we don’t become completely engulfed with our work life, and striking a balance is really important. Although it can be tempting – and indeed rewarding – to put extra hours in, don’t forget the importance of time spent with friends and family. Work is a big part of our lives, but you’ve got to ask yourself if you live to work… or work to live.

Seek other methods

Although checking emails on your smart phone may not seem like it is affecting your social life, it may well be affecting how much time you spend away from technology. Find other ways to help out at work, such as making lists on the weekends to plan your week ahead or telling your boss you will discuss that important email first thing Monday morning.

However you choose to work, make sure you feel happy with how much time you spend on your remote devices. There are always other methods of working without the need for excessive hours in front of the computer. Why not do some research in books and encyclopaedias (yes, they do still exist!) or spend some time sitting and thinking about ideas for next month’s board meeting in a comfy sofa with a cup of coffee and your feet up. You’ll be surprised by just how much you can get done without the need to reach for your laptop or tablet device.

Amy writes about technology for Direct Sight, a leading provider of high-quality, cheap glasses online. If you’re working in front of the computer always ensure you have an eye test every 2 years and wear your glasses as advised.

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