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Draw Something has taken the world by storm and moreover, it has put together two different groups of modern device users together – the iOS and Android device users. People have been drawing and they have been quite creative with their artworks. It can be quite amazing to see the different things that people have drawn using Draw Something because most of them are really creative and highly artistic!

Just recently its developers have added some updates that will make Draw Something users jump for joy. OMGPOP added new features and Zynga, the new owner, will now sit back and see how users carry on with their different drawings.

The updated version has a better looking introduction and smoother graphics. This will make the excitement grow for anyone who loves Draw Something. There is also now a chance to add comments once the drawings have been finished. You can say that the masterpiece is such a great artwork or you can say that it is really not much over a child’s artwork!

 Now, doodlers on Draw Something can share their work with the rest of their friends on their social networking site. The pictures of the drawings can be sent or shared to others using Facebook or Twitter and then users can discuss the photos and then comment on it. You can even have the option to create wallpaper out of it or email it to your friends and family.

For those who are quite obsessive compulsive about their drawings on Draw Something, OMGPOP has added an option to undo the last line that you drew. This is called the easy undo function. If you want to refresh the image that you have, you can just pull the image down. Those who like challenges can jump for joy now because the 99 streak is now bumped up to 999 streak to boost creativity and have more chances of drawing something really awesome that everyone will like!

According to the CEO of OMGPOP, “Every week, we rotate a bunch of new words through the game and take out older words. We look at music charts, TV, movie releases, and the like to take the pulse of what’s popular and include it in the game.”

Looks like this app Draw Something will be much more interesting to anyone and everyone now that the updates have been released. Surely the game will be much exciting and creative juices will be flowing!

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