Driving Gadgets For Dummies


We all know that getting behind the wheel of a car can be potentially dangerous, but there are lots of gadgets out there to help make driving that little bit safer. Here’s my guide to driving safety gadgets suitable for even the biggest crash test dummies!

The CarMD Handheld

The engine warning light is the one dashboard light that all drivers dread seeing. It covers a multitude of problems and could potentially be expensive. Be worried no more with the CarMD. When the warning light comes on, simply plug in the carMD to the car’s computer and it will monitor brakes, safety systems and sensors to let you know what the problem might be.

Deer Whistler

Those that live in deer country will know what a hazard they pose. Bell Automotive’s deer whistler is the answer. Just mount on the front of your car and it will emit a sound to alert deer of the approaching vehicle when travelling between 30 and 75 miles per hour.

Motoriety Pro App

Are you left quaking when you let your teens out on the road in your car for the first time? Let Motolingo’s Motoriety Pro app ease you mind. It will send data from the car back to your smartphone so you can monitor the accelerating and braking levels and even if the driver is on the phone or texting.

Ford MyKey

Ford’s MyKey was originally designed so business could keep track of their vehicles but it is now also being marketed at parents who want to set their own requirements such as music volume when their children are driving. Other features include capping the speed and if the seatbelt is not fastened then this can initiate a chime and the stereo to mute itself.

Ice Warning Gauge

None of us like driving in winter weather so with the Ice warning gauge, a sensor outside the car positioned low to the ground will let you know whether there is ice on the road so you can adjust your driving accordingly.

Mercedes Braking Bag

Just like an air bag, Mercedes “braking bag” for wheels aims to slow the vehicle before impact and avoid damage caused by nose-diving. They work by raising the car approximately 3 inches off the floor causing the car to decelerate by 20 meters per second. Currently in the prototype stage, Mercedes hope to be fitting this to vehicles within the next couple of years.

Retro Parking Sensors

Many accidents are cause by people trying to park. Parking sensors now come as standard on many cars but products are available that can be retrofitted to older cars. Normally positioned on the front and rear bumpers, the sensors are activated if the car gets too close to a hazard such as a tree, person or another vehicle.

LCD Baby Monitors

Parents all know that there is nothing more distracting than a crying baby in the back seat. Baby monitors are now available which includes a video camera to face the baby and then an LCD screen to place in the front so you can keep an eye on your baby without taking your eyes off the road.


Motorway driving is monotonous at the best of times but when tired it’s even worse. The NoNap is worn over the left ear and measures the driver’s doziness. If your head nods into a sleeping position, then an alarm will sound alerting both driver and passengers. There are approximately 150,000 accidents attributed to tiredness, don’t become a statistic.

Night Vision

Originally offered by Cadillac, Lexus, BMW and Mercedes have now jumped on the bandwagon to offer improved night vision, which allows drivers to view people and objects beyond the normal reach of the cars headlights. It uses heat detection to “see” animals and stationary cars among other things and then displays the image on a screen within the dashboard.

Don’t be a driving dummy be safe with VroomVroomVroom.

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