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These are exciting times for drone enthusiasts and entrepreneurs alike, as the FAA finally approved their long awaited regulations on commercial drones at the end of August. While we’ll still have to wait a little longer for Amazon’s promised delivery drones, given the ban on unpiloted aerial vehicles, many small businesses are now looking at ways to incorporate the machines in their day-to-day operations like aerial drone photography, search and rescue etc.,

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With the FAA approval in place, the possibilities are seemingly endless, and drones have already been seen used in a wide variety of commercial applications, such as:

    • Photography and journalism: Modern drones come equipped with high-powered cameras, many of which are able to shoot 4K videos. There is an entire channel on Youtube dedicated to some of the most incredible footage you’ll ever see, shot entirely by drones.

    • Setting controlled fires: Researchers from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln have come up with a unique drone that can ignite fires at predetermined, hard-to-reach locations. Wildfires have been a major cause of concern throughout the U.S. over the past year, and drones like these could be the key to controlling Nature’s fiery fury.

    • Search and rescue: Equipped with thermal imaging sensors, drones can quickly navigate through debris after a natural disaster like an earthquake, and help authorities save lives more efficiently, especially in the dark of night. The devices can also be used to drop water bottles or other food supplies for survivors on the terrain, which is otherwise difficult to reach by helicopter.

    • Tracking the Zika Virus: Microsoft is teaming up with the country’s mosquito control team, to help battle the Zika virus with the help of drones. Equipped with special computer technology, these drones will be tested out in Houston to identify areas where mosquitoes carrying the virus are concentrated. Once the areas are identified, the drones will be used to deliver special traps that have been designed specifically to only target mosquitoes carrying the virus.

    • Inspecting commercial aircraft: Earlier this year, Airbus started to employ drones to inspect the upper part of their airplanes for scratches or dents. Airbus officials say the drones have reduced inspection time from 2 hours to 15 minutes, and the company is now working on full scale implementation of drones to carry out the process.

    • Police surveillance: The U.S. law enforcement has recognized the surveillance potential of low altitude, low noise drones, and have begun to employ the machines in neighborhoods they want to inspect, but not necessarily alert.

    • Construction sites: Drones are being employed along construction sites to help model 3D structures more effectively, and to deal with construction waste management more effectively.

  • Shell: Shell Corp is using drones to safely and effectively examine some of their biggest plants. The drones can do in hours, what took up to two week for humans to accomplish, and there are no human lives that need to be risked.

It’s pretty evident that drones are here to stay, despite many predicting they would be yet another failed hobby. Industries and businesses are beginning to realize the potential these unmanned flying machines carry, and more and more are experimenting with the possibilities. Extreme Aerial Productions (EAP) is one of them, who pride themselves on being perfectionists, and providing the best drone related equipment available anywhere across the country. EAP was founded in 2014 as a professional Aerial Drone Video and Photography Company based in Scottsdale, Arizona.

EAP is a five person team led by Mark Taylor (business owner), whose passion for drones developed from an interest in photography almost two decades ago. They offer a variety of services including aerial videography and photography, 4k to 8k video editing, aerial/drone training, thermal and first responder services, and much more.

They are committed to delivering the best results for their clients by being attentive to their needs and adopting a detail-oriented and professional approach. EAP employs their expertise and the highest-grade Arizona drone photography equipment in order to give their clients that something extra.

Their clientele ranges from real estate, to golf courses and resorts, to TV and production, and even those involved in construction. Here’s what some of their clients have had to say about their experience with their work:

Your talents with a drone and ability to get with our crew was much appreciated. Thanks for being on the show.” -Max Zug, Director/Producer.

“Mark and his team are awesome to work with! He has been working with us to film a new community as it is developed. The video quality is fantastic and he is able to capture our vision perfectly on screen. No detail has been overlooked during filming or production, and we are overjoyed with the outcome! I look forward to working with him to capture our vision as the community progresses. Thank you Mark & the Extreme Aerial Team!” – Sarah @ Dorn Homes.

“Mark and his team came out and did before and after shots of the University of Phoenix stadium paving job we did of their parking lot – wow what a way to convey a sense of scale of the project and the precision of the line work we did.  We need to do this on every project from now on.” -Steve Trainor, ACE Asphalt.

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