Dust Extraction Systems Protect Company Health


Dust extraction is nowadays really important because it aids in maintaining safe air quality levels. Such a system is created in order to remove all micro to macro sized particles from air in order to prevent them from entering some areas or eliminate them from areas where they should not be present. There are many different systems that are currently utilized for various application needs. Nowadays workplace safety is very important for all people that work in manufacturing and fabricating. A system that works well in guarding air quality basically makes the entire workplace much better.

Removing dust is not as simply as you might first be tempted to believe. You need to make sure that dust is confined and this is usually done with the use of special capture hoods that can house part of the particle producing machine. There are some machines that include special ports you can connect to ducts or manifold systems. Using negative pressure obtained from impeller or fan can pull materials towards hood intake. When this is done, harmful material does not enter the workspace atmosphere and is directed towards removal systems.

The dust you get from dust extraction systems will be transported through manifold in most situations because this allows multiple stations. Air flow has to be kept at a really stable velocity and all manifolds and ducts need to have a suitable size for the particles to remain suspended. This is important because it prevents clogging.

Dust will travel through ducts till the collector is reached. Based on material nature, the collector can be a simple filter or a much more sophisticated equipment piece like electrostatic precipitators or chemical scrubbers.

When the dust extraction system is small, dust will pass through just one stage of filtration and collection. Large particles will be separated before it passes the impeller. Small particles will be removed directly through filtration. The two stage system is a lot more common when looking at a large installation. This type of dust extractor will collect all large particles with cyclonic vortex or baffled drums before stream will pass and reach the impeller. Resulting air is then filtered, leading towards returning it towards production area or exhausting it to the outside.

On the whole, dust extraction can do miracles and it can help you out a lot. This is especially true when workers are faced with working in an environment where the dust is dangerous for health. Masks were used in the past and they did have various filtration capabilities. That is not the best way to handle the solution. It is much better to invest money in a dust extraction system that can properly vent the air and remove all dangerous particles present.

By Sam Hurley
Junior Digital Marketing Consultant at FDC

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