Effective iPhone Apps for the Marketing Professional

Aside from being one of the must-have gadgets over the years, the iPhone is also a great tool for marketing professionals. In online marketing, it is simply the job of getting potential clients and customers exposed to what your company has to offer whether it is a product, service or cause. People who do their marketing in the high speed Internet will feed on technology most of the time as they strive to improve sales and retain as much customers as possible.

The iPhone device allows business owners to start marketing their brand and selling products and services to their potential customers through the palm of their hand. This smart phone is known for its functionality, and it is possible for marketing professionals to do almost all of their marketing efforts through this device. Below are a list of effective and useful iPhone apps that will help improve business marketing online.

1.  Surveyor

This app is a marketing research tool which will allow participants to give answers regarding survey questions. It is simple to set up and the administrators will be the one to create the questionnaires online, while the app generates a participation code. All of the results will be viewable in real time through an interface that is web-based.

2. LinkedIn

Even though LinkedIn is not as popular as both Facebook and Twitter, it is still a highly useful tool when it comes to business marketing through the Internet. The social network will allow users to connect with others, post updates and expand business contacts. It also has more of a business-like theme going on.

3. Stay in Touch

Similarly as to what its name is suggesting, the app has been developed to let professionals keep in touch with other people. Although it has a simple scope and design, this application help people go a long way in keeping and maintaining business relationships with one another. It clones almost every part of the iPhone contact list, even allowing users to assign reminders to prospects and customers.

4. WordPress

Any business will improve overall if they have a website or blog especially in finding prospects through the Internet. The WordPress app of the iPhone will allow business marketers and owners to update their blogs directly from their smart phone. Its interface is even easier than before and it even lets users do other activities such as moderating comments, adding relevant posts and creating new static badges for the blog.

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