Essentials Of An Ace Software Development Firm


Every software development firm claims to offer the best services vis a vis their competitors in market. But the truth is only a handful of companies deliver on their promises and claims made at the time of signing a contract. Presently, there are a plethora of software development firm in the marketplace offering their products and services.  In fact, the options are aplenty that it becomes difficult to separate the chaff from the wheat. In order to get a first rated software development firm for your business you need to gauge them on certain parameters.

It is not a cake walk to pick the world-class software solutions firm which can deliver on the entire gamut of software development functions comprising of but not limited to designing, development, quality assurance and timely delivery of the project.

Essentials Of An Ace Software Development Firm

If you too are looking for an ace software development firm which can deliver the goods then here is a lowdown on how you can identify a good IT company for your software development needs.

Look for these essentials in the software solutions provider, do a little research based on these criteria before you get in touch with the respective representative for the project. It is important to find the company’s principles of work and its expertise.

  1. Expertise and Experience

Software development firm should have a team of dedicated developers with essential skills and know-how to deliver the software development project on time. The ace developers will be very professional in their approach to meet deadlines as well as understand the requirements of the clients precisely. They should be able to deliver customized solutions tailored to meet specific needs of the clients.

Customized solutions require comprehensive study and analysis of client’s business and its objectives by the development team. It helps them design and develop software project around the required goal. Make sure the software development firm does not dish out pre-developed software solutions instead work on the tailor-made solution for its specific clients. Else, it is best to avoid such software firms.

The quality of any software project and its final product significantly relies on the technical expertise, skills and experience of the software developer. The probability of software development project increases in direct proportion to the experience and skill level of the developer and his team. Therefore, zero-in on a software development firm who has a rock star software developer in their team.

  1. Shining Track Record

An ace software development firm will have an impeccable track record of timely deliveries and great customer service support. If you look at the feedback on the services and development expertise of the software development firm, you will be able to gauge the reputation of the firm. Client testimonials and feedbacks are a great way to know the quality of their past projects.

Do some research, reach out to their existing and old clients to get a word on their development commitments and related technical responsibilities. Don’t be misled by flashy and pompous claims on software firm’s website. Instead find out if the software development firm which you are planning to hire has an experience with similar projects that you are going to commission to them.

  1. Dedicated Delivery Management

A lot of confusion and misunderstanding stems from the fact that there is no effective communication between the software development firm and the client. A single point of contact in the form of a dedicated delivery manager and his team will lead to effective software development and eventual success of the project.

Dedicated delivery management team helps clients and software development firm to be in sync with respect to the progress of the software development project. This opens up communication channels for the client to take part and share their valuable suggestions during the software development life cycle of the project. A well-managed delivery team is an essential element of a great software solutions provider for the smooth functioning and success of the project. The delivery team will keep you posted on every possible progress detail of your software.

  1. Quality and Scalability

Fail test. Fail fast. That is the mantra you just cannot ignore in software development. Every software project needs to be tested before it goes live. The quality of the software plays the most crucial role in its success in the market. In order to get a glitch-free, bug-free software project employ a firm with quality assurance services.

Therefore, software development firm should have a well-skilled and experienced quality assurance or the testing squad. Ace software development companies leave no stone unturned to make sure that every software they developed meet the world-class standards.

The software should not only deliver on quality but also be well equipped to handle future upgrades and be able to upscale the operations. It should have the flexibility to manage team size based on the requirements.

  1. Information Security

If you want to ensure that the proprietary information you are sharing with the software development firm does not become public, then entering into a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) is a great idea.

Security is always a key concern when your company has to share confidential information for the software development project. You cannot share the vital and sensitive information about the project with a company that does not guarantee the security of your intellectual property

Recently, a lot many cases have been reported wherein software idea of a new product leaked in the market before the launch of the software. This could be disastrous for your business. Therefore, privacy of the software concept has become a big concern for clients these days. Also, intellectual property rights should be clearly written and explained in the NDA to avoid any legal dispute later.

So, signing a non-disclosure agreement is of utmost importance. The willingness of the software development firm to sign the NDA prior to starting up with development project is essential.

  1. Pricing Structure

The software development firm should be transparent with the project costing. It should be able to give an accurate picture of the development costs of the software project. Transparency in pricing will help the parties involved in fair dealings without relations getting sour later. It is best to avoid a firm if it has a track record of keeping the costs hidden.

Think of the maximum budget you can afford for the project and talk to the software development company you have chosen. Cost is very important for any kind of business transaction. Thus, before you decide to go for a deal, check whether the cost of the project will suit your estimated budget. Do not compromise the quality for low cost rather, you should avoid paying more than your affordability. Also include additional as well as hidden charges as they are a major factor for over budgeting.

  1. Optimistic Professional Approach

Positive attitude is a big plus for any management/ development team. A firm with its ethos written in positivity and that nurtures a culture of trust, respect and care is essential for forging a hassle-free long term business partnership. The response time taken by the software development firm to get back after they have been provided with all the requirements is a parameter to judge their professionalism. It is important to know exactly how quick they are with the response and how fast they work and value time. Someone who values time and money and helps find the best solution to the business problems is the perfect software consultant to hire.

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