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Facebook is a social networking site that allows users to stay connected with their friends and relatives. Like many other networking sites Facebook brings the people closer to each other. It eradicates the hurdles of time and distance by enabling you to talk to the person you want at any time of your choice. There are many social networking sites but the point is what makes Facebook so special? The answer to this question lies in the Facebook features which are far better from the other websites. Let’s discuss about the most significant features of the facebook.


1.    Credits in Facebook games

Facebook allows you to get credit on playing games on different websites. These credits can be used to send valuable gifts to friends and family members through Facebook. This is how facebook helps you to make your beloved person feel special.

2.    Friending

This is the act of searching your buddies through Facebook friend finder and sending them friends request to add them as friend. You can check others profiles and find your old friends who have not been in contact with you physically because of several reasons. Facbook allows you to reach your old friends virtually.

3.    Facebook Live

Facebook live is a live video streaming medium through which a person can upload videos from the internet. Earlier it was not allowed by Facebook to its users to upload videos of their own. Facebook started sharing the videos of celebrity interviews and other similar videos. But with the passage of time the trends were changed and technology could move a step forward. Nowadays you are allowed to share any kind of video on your facebook page.

4.    Networking Groups

This Social networking didn’t end up in providing contacts with your friends only. Instead they go a step beyond this to fulfill a person’s need of social affiliation. Facebook enables the establishment of groups to allow the interaction of the people having alike interests. You can find group that matches your interest, or ideas and beliefs. There you can share ideas of your own.

5.    Facebook Pages

Facebook pages are based upon the interest of different people. These pages are very useful in case of business or product promotions. They provide the information related to a particular field and invites the people to share their point of views. This review helps a page owner to know what the public demand is and hence it works according to the said demands. It has increased the customer’s number for various businesses. This is the technique has been used by businesses to grab the attention of customers. So every business has a page on Facebook.

6.    News feed

News feed allows you to know what is happening around the town and what your friends are up to. This feature provides the users with most recent stories. This enabled the spammers to share their information which were otherwise neglected. This feature allows the users to get an idea about the things which are not added to interest list.

All these features make this social networking site different from others. There is much more that adds to the uniqueness of Facebook. There is no doubt that the great features of Facebook enable it to be the giant of social networking industry.

Austin R. is an IT Professional from test4prep.com. He has passed 220-801 exam. Currently he preparing for 220-802 exam. He likes to write about technology and social media.

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