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Facebook: The Gateway to Modern Romance


Social networking is slowly and gradually encompassing the web domain and it is becoming an essential part of our everyday life. Now it doesn’t matter whether you are sitting in South America under the summer sun or sitting halfway across the world under the cold European weather, social networking will keep you connected to your friends, families and your loved ones.

Social networking platforms like Facebook are becoming so huge that analysts predict that they will count for more than 60 percent of the web traffic in the future. Now whether you are visiting the exotic islands of Bahamas or Mountaineering in Himalayas, social networking platforms like Twitter and Facebook can help you in sharing your experiences with your friends and family. As the social networking is shaping our daily lives, it is also creating some problems and transforming the usual procedures and experiences making them more vulnerable to the public.

Facebook is also very much re-shaping the way we go about our love life, and there is no clear cut denial of the fact that Facebook is deeply impacting the way younger people fall in love, set flirt and even break up their relationship. A popular teen magazine called as Seventeen Magazine recently released a detailed study putting forward some amazing facts. The study released by them depicts that what strange kind of repercussions this social networking podium has on all kind of modern courtship.

The editor-in-chief of Seventeen Magazine Ann Shoket wrote in a blog post that the present digital age teenagers are very much social and Facebook plays a vital role indeed in shaping up their love lives. According to the interesting study released by Seventeen Magazine, they survey about ten thousand guys and girls having ages from 16 to 21 and the result was that all of these young people said that Facebook indeed plays a very vital part in how they go about in making their connections. The study says that within one day of meeting a new person almost a staggering percentage of 79 percent of users click the “Friend” tab for that person and after finished adding up that person almost 60 percent of people then stalk and intrude the profile of their crush once a day. Moreover, 40 percent of users normally check on their future would be soulmates several times during day.

Apart from that, contrary to the beliefs of a large percentage of people who have point of view that social networking is sort of eroding the norms of interpersonal communication, almost 72 percent of the young people that have been surveyed said that talking to someone in the online realm brings them closer to anyone in the reality domain.

But we have also seen various studies that have been released analyzing the Facebook which suggest that Facebook also plays a very important role in how people are falling out of love as well. Samuel Axon, who is a writer on Mashable, wrote a very detailed feature about how this social networking paranoia has changed the dating scene for a very worst. The Facebook dating Application called as Are You Interested released a very amazing study in which they put forward the statistics stating that almost 21 percent of the respondents commented that they would rather break up with someone through changing their Facebook status and most recently through infographics Wizard, McCandless released a chart in which he illustrated that popular break ups are happening by the simple way of changing your Facebook status.

According to Seventeen Magazine almost 10 percent users have been somewhat deserted by their beloveds over this social networking platform of Facebook and almost same number of percentage said in the poll that they will like to change their status of relationship to Single so that eventually they can cut a lover lose. Moreover, Seventeen reports also commented that the anguish of break up that the site causes will be depicted later on in our Facebook usage. The report cites that almost 27 percent people after break up either change their connection with their Exes either through blocking or through deleting them or also hiding their Exes through the applications like Ex-Blocker or unfriending them as mentioned previously. But on a very surprising note almost 73 percent of persons put their Exes in their friends list.

Some other interesting facts from the study are that Girls on Facebook are somewhat more judgmental; almost 43 percent of the girls on Facebook are very firm in their decision of not dating someone based on their Facebook profile, and in the guys domain this percentage is almost 33 percent. On the other hand, Guys keep their relationship statuses under shadows and wraps. According to the report almost 17 percent of the guys do not share their relationship statuses at all as compared to a mere 12 percent of girls.

Moreover Guys think that it is very much exciting to change their relationship status apparently. The study also shows that almost 50 percent of girls are thrown out of a certain relationship because of a status change and with this fact almost 1 out of 3 Guys concur. It is indeed a very intriguing study by Seventeen Magazine that clearly makes us wonder that how Facebook has seeped into our everyday lives. Now people of every age can shape their lives through Facebook and apart from breakups people can also mend the broken relationship with their loved ones.

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