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It’s a new millennium, and the dating arena has changed venues. Today, many college gals are looking and finding their college guys online. These smart ladies are using technology to their advantage and eliminating the beer-bonging college clubs to find Mr. Right. With busy class and work schedules, looking for a college guy online streamlines the time-consuming process of pounding the pavement.

Facebook is the world’s most popular social network site that will open up a world of possibilities in the dating arena. If you’ve spotted a cute guy on campus that you’re interested in, send him a friend request on Facebook and initiate a virtual conversation. It’s an easy way to break the ice. You can also start looking at your friends’ walls to find a college guy. Chances are your friends have other friends that you don’t even know. Browse the photos and select someone that you think is appealing to your style. Just send a simple friend request letting them know you’re a friend of so and so. Once you get the virtual conversation rolling, both of you can get to know each other better and suggest a real world meet up. Set a goal to meet 10 college guys a week online through Facebook. That’s 40 college guys a month to choose from. Do the math; there’s power in numbers, and you’re bound to find at least one college guy that sparks your interest.

If you’ve got the budget to spend some dime, you can always join an online dating site, such as or These online dating sites can match you up with college guys in your area; you just have to specify location and that you want a college guy in your area. If you get lucky, you may even find a college guy that attends your alma mater. You can always find free online dating sites but doing a Google search, just beware of the jerks you may encounter and proceed with caution.

One of the new emerging online dating sites is This online dating site is only for college students and college alumni. With its early beginnings at Columbia University, this exclusive dating college site is available at over 140 universities. The two students who created this site at Columbia University were encouraged by their female friends complaining that there wasn’t much testosterone in the school of education. With over 20,000 registered users, this dating site is gaining momentum in popularity among single college students. You can search for your college guy at your own college or a local one. You can even specify your preferred major. If you’re looking for a preppy pre-law college guy, this site is your shoe-in.

Whether you choose Facebook or an online dating site to find that special college guy, you’ll need to choose a meeting place in the real world. Suggest an open public place with a casual atmosphere where you both can feel relaxed. You can always meet on campus and take a leisurely walk to a local Starbucks. If the chemistry doesn’t spark, light up another cracker.

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