Factors To Consider When Shopping For A Clinker Grinder


A beneficial component used in utility and industrial power plants across the country, such as cement power plants and thermal power plants, clinker grinders serve to reduce the size of coarse bottom ash and other such materials for ash handling purposes. Using the grinders, materials are crushed and grinded into a powdery substance in order to allow for the addition of other ingredients as well as to reduce materials to a suitable size for the conveyor system.

If you’re interested in purchasing a clinker grinder for your work environment, there are various considerations and factors to keep in mind. In order to find a clinker grinder that operates efficiently and meets your needs, below are important factors to keep in mind when shopping.

What ashes do you process?

The first factor in the decision process is the type of ashes you process. Certain grinders are designed specifically for processing certain ashes. Clinker grinders are categorized according to the clinker they are able to grind. Also, depending if you process wet or dry ashes, this will impact the clinker you need.

What size clinker grinder?

The necessary size of the clinker grinder depends upon your industry requirements and the available space since larger grinders take up more space. In addition to the size of the clinker grinder, take into account the needed amount of grinders for your environment. Larger grinders can process more ashes, but if you work in a large work environment, then you may need to purchase multiple grinders.

How much horsepower?

While the extended size of the grinder may capture your interest, take into account the horsepower of the grinder. The horsepower determines the type of load that the grinder can handle and estimates how long it will take to complete the grinding process. If you work in a large power planet that continually processes ashes, then you may highly consider a clinker grinder with more horsepower.

How do the teeth look?

Clinker grinders contain rolls inside that are fitted with “teeth.” The teeth are grinded against each other in order to crush the clinker. Rolls come in two designs, single-roll and double-roll, in which the double-rolls have more grinding power and are highly used in industries of mass production.

Does it fit your budget?

The size and quantity of the clinker grinders will impact the cost. You should shop online to find grinders that suit your needs and budget that you can afford. Also, you should research the companies selling clinker grinders as you want to select a reputable company

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