Factors to Consider While Screen Printing Tshirts


Have you ever thought of the process that is usually involved in screen printing t-shirts? If yes, then this write up is for you. In this article we are going to look at some of the essential factors that you should take into consideration in order to make the entire process successful.

When preparing and designing any custom artwork for printing on t-shirts, vinyl banner, sticker, CD, hat, hoodie or any other garment, there are a few things that you will be required to take into consideration for you to make the entire printing process successful. Let us briefly have a look at each of those factors that you will be required to take into consideration.

Factors to Take into Consideration While Screen Printing T-shirts

The following are some of the ideal factor that you will be required to take int consideration if you want to screen prints a t-shirt. They are;

* Ensuring that the Artwork is 300 Dots per Inch

Note that the higher you will make the number of the holes, the more high quality and greater the images will be displayed. With screen printing, you can easily get fewer dots per inch asmost of the silk screens are normally less than 300 DPI. Thus it is suitable that you set up the design in Photoshop and ensure that you use 300 DPI resolutions.

* Keeping the Design in Not More than Six Colors

The design is usually ideal when it make use of few colors, mainly approximately between I and should ensure that you are conversant with how some of the designs use color of the t-shirts as an extra color. It is advisable that you keep the design to less than six colors since it is the standard for bands and also due to the fact that it will save you a boatload.

* Color Separating Your Artwork

When color separating, ensure that background color is on its own and the separate layer also as well. Since your artwork is limited to 6 colors and 300 DPI is ideal that you make each color that you wish to be on its own.

* Sizing the Artwork

You should ensure that all the artwork is sized exactly to dimensions that require printing. For instance, if you are designing a 2×6 sticker, it is ideal that the artwork is 2 by 6 inches at 300 DPI resolutions.

* Saving and Submitting the Artwork

It is always preferred that all the artwork are in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop formats. The EPSs and PDFs can also be accepted as well. If for instance it’s a large file, you can try zipping it using either Winrar or Winzip.

Last but not the least; preparing screen printing t-shirts is not a difficult task. All that you need is carefully following the above mentioned considerations to the later and you are done. All the best.

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