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In recent years, the FIFA football games have been the best of their kind after spending much of the early part of the century as second best to their closest rivals, Pro Evolution Soccer. In a bid to stay on top, FIFA 2013 has a number of changes and tweaks that are designed to keep the game interesting after a run of 19 sequels since 1993.

The main change made to the game is the physics engine, known as ‘Infinity’ which has been introduced across the EA Sports platform in 2012. The result for FIFA 2013 is more realistic responses by players being tackled and more natural looking graphics when the ball is rolling on the ground or in flight.

The control of the game has also been updated for the 2012/13 season as now to score an open goal, the controller is a much more important element in the process. Similarly, the direction you point it in plays a bigger part in passing and receiving passes, which has taken the skill level required to be good at the game to new heights.

It also brings a level of uncertainty that makes the latest version of the game the most realistic ever. Each player’s first touch stat has gained more relevance and dribbling has also improved, as now turning is more controllable and a blast of pace allows for more chance of getting passed defences whilst running with the ball.

Tweaks to the free kick system have also been a welcome improvement and added to the overall realism of the game. New pass options and more men standing over the ball add to the confusion for the opposition, which is balanced out with added defensive abilities such as getting the wall to slowly inch forward towards the ball.

As well as all the technical changes and tweaks, FIFA now update the player’s stats on a regular basis, so if a player is on form in real life, he will also hit form on the console game. It is this sort of attention to detail that is driving the FIFA franchise forward in leaps and bounds and keeping it ahead of the PES.

Online, the game is also improving each year and the latest version is no exception. Single and team match-ups have been improved and the FIFA World Cup option works on a ranking system which looks set to be exciting as the year draws on.

While some may believe this year’s offering from EA Sports is not too different from last years, when compared with the 2011 version, it is clear to see the strides being made in the game. FIFA 2013 looks set to be one of many exciting and realistic football games that we can look forward to in the coming years from the team at EA Sports as they, and the technology they use, continues to improve.

Morgan Payne is a football lover and game enthousiast. He also maintains an afl odds blog for the Australian Football League.

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