Financial Tips For The Newbie Freelancer


Are you a new freelancer that is looking for some financial tips that could help you with freelancing? Some universal tips apply to all types of freelancing work and can help you to make freelancing easier and more profitable.

Have More Than One Website to Work For

This is extremely important because if the primary freelance website that you use goes down, you will be without an income. As a freelancer, you need to have more than one place to work if you plan on doing it seriously. At the very least, have another emergency website to use in the event that your primary website loses work. The majority of serious freelancers have four to five different websites to go for work.

Self Employed Health Insurance

Are you worried that you will have to pay full price for health insurance? Well, the good news is that there are certain programs catered to the self-employed that you can get under that will help you with health insurance. This will sometimes depend on your level of income.

Taxes Do Not Have To Be Difficult

You always hear that the self-employed have the most difficulty with their taxes. Well, if you are a freelancer that is using your computer for business, you can write that off on your taxes. You can also take your taxes to a tax professional to help ensure that your taxes are done in an easy way.

Have an Emergency Backup Fund Set Up

As a beginning freelancer, you should understand that there is a season where work is abundant, and then there is a season where work is scarcer. When the work slows down, sometimes you might not be making as much money as you were. This can be devastating to some freelancers, and this is one of the reasons for why you want to have a few websites to work for. It is during the scarce season where you might have to fall back on your other websites for work.

Using Personal Finance Software to Budget Your Money

As an owner of your own business, you have to understand how to manage money. This is going to save you from the drought seasons as a freelancer as well. Being able to manage your money in an efficient manner will ensure that you will continue to make a profit from your business. Without a profit, you will go bankrupt.

These are some tips that will help you when you do freelance work. Freelancing is a great job because you get to be your own boss. However, you have to be as responsible as the boss at a regular job and not allow things to slip up too much or you will notice it in your finances. There are many perks that you can enjoy with being your own boss (E.g. waking up when you want), and freelancing is a great way to experience being your own boss. However, like in any industry, freelancing has its negatives, but this is a great job for someone who wants to be their own boss.

Jessica Bosari is a freelance blogger who has been writing about personal finance issues for over three years. Find more of her useful tips at

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